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The Sims Project Rene
Project Rene - Behind the Sims
Teaser image revealed at Behind The Sims summit
Developer(s) The Sims Studio
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Series The Sims
Release date(s) Unknown
Game features
Genres Life simulation, God game

Project Rene is the working title for a "next generation Sims game," widely speculated in the Sims community to be The Sims 5. Project Rene was officially unveiled during Electronic Arts's "Behind The Sims" summit on October 18, 2022 by Lyndsay Pearson, Vice President of Franchise Creative for The Sims team.[1]

The name "Project Rene" was chosen to, "be reminiscent of words like renaissance and rebirth to represent the team’s renewed commitment for The Sims’ bright future."[2] Project Rene is set to include single-player and online multiplayer playability, and to be compatible across various platforms.

Pearson stated that Project Rene was "very early" in its development, and that development on the project would continue "over the next couple of years." No official release date or official name for the game has been announced, but it will be free-to-play for everyone like The Sims 4.

Planned or revealed features[]

Project Rene's reveal during the "Behind The Sims" summit showed a few features present in the project at that time. Project Rene was shown to have a detailed object designer called Workshop, which includes texture patterns, a color wheel, and the ability to customize smaller objects on a larger object, like controlling the placement of throw pillows on a sofa.[1]

Project Rene's sneak peek during the Sims Summit showed the ability to select apartments, implying that apartments will be available in the game at launch rather than added in a later expansion pack.[3]


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