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Prim A'Donna is a pre-character in the Sims FreePlay. She first appeared during the discovery quest in the mission "Sims in the city" in 2017 and reappearing for a second time in the Love & Treasure quest mission in 2018. She is the starring of the TV show "Simtown Stars". Prim has brown skin with brown hair in a high ponytail. She wears a pink fur coat over a light pink playsuit, boots and several necklaces. 


In "Sims in the city", her director is stressed because she couldn't found a guide for Diva and probably get fired. The player have to offer his/her help and be Donna´s guide. At the end of the mission, you can unlocked the downtown zone and build luxurious apartments, Prim A'Donna will give you her outfit in multiple colors.

We can see her again in Love and Treasures quest. She stars in a pirate-style dating program, whose theme is the one that wins can go to a private island getaway with donna. Your character will compete with the magician Hocus Pocus and actor Bryan Hatchling (parody of Ryan Gosling). At the end of the mission you can unlock the private island


  • Many players find her similar to the American singer Ariana Grande, so it could be based on her.
  • In the latinamerican translates, called her "diva donna" that makes more sense to her
     personality and appearance.
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