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Presto Parker
Presto Parker.png
Gender Male Male
Age Adult Adult
Species Hund.png Dog
Breed Boxer
Presto the wonder hound; the agility that such a name implies has been lost on this pup ever since his first jelly doughnut. That is not to say he is dimwitted or lazy. Recently he learned he only needed to push the neighbor's garbage can over in order to increase his treat intake ten fold. Woof he said.
Family/Families May household
Owners Varian Parker, Mira May, Penelope Arnold, Marsha Worthington
Traits Genius
Mid Independent-Friendly
Mid Cowardly-Aggressive
Other information
Game The Sims 2 Pets (console)
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Whiskerton

Presto Parker is an adult dog that lives with the four roommates in the May household at Firefly Lake. From his surname, it appears that his owner is Varian Parker. He's a Boxer that has black fur with a mixture of dark gray and white, mostly at the belly area. He wears a purple collar. He is friends with Mira and almost friends with Varian, but just an acquaintance with Penelope, Marsha and Falafel.


Pet Profile
Doofus PetProfileHigh.png Gifted
Lazy PetProfileLow.png Hyper
Independent PetProfileMedium.png Friendly
Cowardly PetProfileMedium.png Aggressive
Pigpen PetProfileLow.png Snooty