Precious DeBore
Precious DeBore
Gender TS2 Female Female
Age Adult Dog Adult
Species Hund Dog
Breed Poodle
Precious is spoiled by Diana in every way. Well trained and pedigreed, Precious is very much a show dog, but her age can lead to making mistakes.
Family/Families DeBore family
Owners Diana DeBore
Traits Lazy
Other information
Game TSPS Icon The Sims Pet Stories
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Garden Heights

Precious DeBore is a pre-made playable large female dog owned by Diana DeBore from Garden Heights, one of the neighborhoods shipped with The Sims Pet Stories. She is an adult Poodle and does not wear a collar. Diana and Precious are three years consecutive champions of the local annual SimCity Dog Show. Diana is very competitive and always pressures Precious to be the best. Precious came out of retirement to compete in the dog show one last time. She first appears in the Best in Show story during her dog show performance with Diana at The Show Park, which sends them to the final with the highest score. In the final, Diana and Precious will compete against Henry Beniz and Simon and Alice Whitt and Sam.

While competing in the final, she seems to be winning with ease, but to all surprise she falls from an obstacle and runs off without finishing, meaning that Alice and Sam got the most points and win the competition. When Alice receives the prize, Diana claims that Alice had sabotaged their performance by tempering with the obstacle. But Diana ends up getting arrested.

Despite the story implying Diana was sent to jail, she and Precious become playable from their home after the story.

As far as personality goes, Precious is a lazy, independent, aggressive and finicky dog. Her main interests are Scary Things, Animals and Food. She knows the Shake, Sit Up, Speak, and Stay commands, and she has maximized all equipment skills.


Taurus - Big
Genius Mid Doofus
Hyper Low Lazy
Independent High Friendly
Aggressive High Cowardly
Pigpen Low Finicky

Image Interest Level
Pets interestPets06
Scary Things interestScary Things09
Food pet interestFood07
Outside interestOutside00
Sleeping interestSleeping03
Playtime interestPlaytime05
Weather interestWeather06
Toys interestToys06
Animals interestAnimals08

Image Name Relationship level
Diana DeBore Diana DeBore Best Friend
ReeceMustella Reece Mustella Just Met
BrockThornton Brock Thornton Just Met
Thomas Jones Thomas Jones Just Met

Image Memory Type
(Pet) Joined Pack Diana DeBore Joined Pack Positive
Got Master Got Master Positive
(Pet) Reached the Top of Career Reached Top of Show Dog Career Positive
Met -Sim- Met Brock Thornton Positive
Met -Sim- Met Reece Mustella Positive
I Retired I Retired Positive
Met -Sim- Met Thomas Jones Positive


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