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Sims 3 preteen.jpg
Pre-teens in The Sims Freeplay

The pre-teen life stage is only available in The Sims FreePlay . It is nearly the same as the Child stage in other games. They can do all sorts of things from hobbies to school. Also, if they fail a class, no money is received and Sims could lose money.


The community center (previously the sports center, not to be confused with the stadium) is meant for pre-teens. They are able to learn karate or ballet there along with the woodworking benches for the Adults. There are many levels that you can achieve.


Like children, pre-teens attend school. They are able to earn money from school, from about §100 to over §600, and will be also able to receive pocket money from relatives for good grades. If they work hard, they will achieve an A++ grade. Pre-teen sims can study at a desk at home to improve their grades much like how they can study in the Sims 1, however, unlike sending them to school they won't earn any money but, they will unlock new objects. Some of these objects include posters (math poster, science poster, etc.) and science projects (volcano, space model, etc.).


Pre-teen sims can become best friends, enemies, etc. like adults, but cannot use romantic interactions with any age sim. They can't interact with ovens or garden patches. They can interact with Sims from all ages except for babies.

Growing up[]

With Teenagers update, pre-teens can grow up to become teens after completing "Coming of Age Goals" quest like toddlers and babies. The player must be at level 18 or higher to complete the quest.


  • In earlier promotional material (from the time where Pre-teens were introduced, they were usually wearing the school uniform.