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Occasionally in The Sims, when a Sim picks up the phone, it will be a prank call. They were placed in the game for fun by Maxis. Prank calls can occur at any time of day, but calls that occur between midnight and 8:00 am are almost always prank calls, and are usually meant to make the player scared or worry that something bad will happen to them. Prank calls return in The Sims 3: Generations. Teen Sims can make a prank call to random neighbors existing in their phone book list.

List of Prank CallsEdit

The SimsEdit

  • Your energy use has just spiked. You'd better be careful.
  • Do you canoe?
  • You have been chosen. They will come soon.
  • You're a (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) and should decorate accordingly if you want to live most harmoniously in your house.
  • The number 3 is very important in your life right now.
  • Your psychic advisor suggests that you work on improving relationships with those closest to you because you'll need them in the next lunar review.
  • Your psychic advisor has had very strong vibrations coming from your Seventh House. You should stay away from any building activities during the next week.
  • Your psychic advisor suggests that you keep your secrets well this month. There may be untrustworthy individuals in your environs.
  • The drop off has been made. You've been warned.
  • Your psychic advisor suggests that you plan your meetings very carefully this month because you may have some unexpected news.
  • The number 6 will be very important for you in the next 24 hours.
  • Wrong number. Sorry.
  • The end is near. Make preparations.
  • The flashing light was just a test. You'll have plenty of warning next time.
  • Your psychic advisor's head has just exploded. Be forewarned.
  • They're coming soon. Maybe you should think twice about opening the door.
  • We're fixing your phone line. Don't pick up the phone the next time it rings.

The Sims 3: GenerationsEdit

  • A free pizza? I'll be anxiously awaiting its arrival!
  • The grease is in the spoon! I repeat, the grease is in the spoon!
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