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Potty chair is an object used to relieve a toddler's bladder need. Toddlers need to be taught, with the help typically of a young adult or older, to potty train before they can use it by themselves. Using potty chairs improves toddlers' potty skill.

The Sims 2

Potty chairs in The Sims 2 need to be emptied, because otherwise toddler can't be taught the potty skill or be able to use it. When it's being emptied, the cleaning sim takes the content out and flushes it down the toilet or, If not possible - disposes it of in the Trash compactor/can. Strangely enough, when the action of emptying the object is cancelled, the carrying Sim will drop the waste on the ground into a pile of trash. When all the toddlers in the household age up or get taken away by a social worker, after the potty has been used, young adult sims or older will not be able to empty the object until another toddler joins the household. The The Sims 2: Freetime expansion provides another potty chair (along with the set of other child matching furniture) that comes with multiple recolors to the game.

The Sims 3

Unlike in The Sims 2, toddlers can still be taught and use the potty by themselves even when it's not emptied. However, by doing so will result in the puddles leaking from it when everytime using it until it gets emptied.

The Sims 4

In The Sims 4, potty chairs need to be cleaned occasionally, in order to prevent nearby Sims from becoming uncomfortable. Toddlers with higher potty skills are more likely to use potty chairs independently. There are currently two chairs available in The Sims 4 to purchase[confirmation needed], shown below.

Expansion Image Name Price Bladder Notes
TS4 Icon
Practice Potty §75 10 Toddlers Only

+Potty Skill

TS4 Icon
Monster Potty Partner §125 10 Toddlers Only

+Potty Skill

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