The Sims 4: StrangerVille

A possessed Sim.

Possessed (stylized as "PØŞŞ€ŞŞ€Đ") is an emotion introduced in The Sims 4: StrangerVille. Sims will always feel this emotion upon getting the "Possessed" moodlet, which shows 7,548,431+ points towards the possessed emotion, overriding any other emotions.

This special emotion can only be achieved in StrangerVille, by collecting the bizarre fruit and eating it, or by entering into a toxic cloud in the second level of the secret laboratory. Vampires can also become possessed if they drink plasma from a Sim who has the infected trait from entering the toxic cloud or eating the fruit or drink a bizzare juice. The Sim will then twist a few times, creepy music will play, and their emotion will change into possessed.

While possessed, the player has limited ability to control the Sim, and it will constantly override interactions with strange interactions, such as wandering around or staring at objects. The player can make the possessed Sim talk with other Sims about a "Normal Sim's problems", about flowers or about the "Mother". While walking, possessed Sims will have their limbs stretched out like a doll and will continuously wear a wide smile with widely opened eyes. A possessed Sim's motives are always locked at full.

Possessed sims can spawn naturally wandering around the StrangerVille at night, or anytime after opening the first door in the secret laboratory, they can be either StrangerVille townies or playable sims that were infected from the beginning such as Jess Sigworth. Possessed sims spawning can also be controlled by requesting specific strangeness from the Mother.

Sims can try to talk with a possessed Sim, who will reply in single, cryptic messages, usually referring to "The Mother". Other Sims can also try to wake up possessed Sims by slapping them, which will work if the relationship with them is high enough. Otherwise the possessed Sim will prevent it by catching the Sim's hand and bending it backwards.

Upon getting the possessed moodlet from a toxic cloud, it will last for only 30 minutes, but after eating a bizzare fruit the moodlet will last for 3 hours and will return every 24 hours at 1 AM. Therefore it's not recommended to eat the bizarre fruit as it makes gameplay harder.

Possessed Sims are much better at communicating with the mother plant than normal Sims and can build relationship with her easier.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When talking to a possessed Sim, they may sometimes reply with "Welcome to StrangerVille" even if they're in another neighborhood.
  • A cowplant cannot transfer or remove a possessed moodlet as possessed Sims cannot interact with a cowplant in any way.
  • The emotion almost shares the same color used for asleep. The possessed emotion is dark grey while asleep is a dark-greyish blue.
  • Possessed is currently the only emotion added in a paid content pack.
  • Each attempt to talk with a possessed sim will give some positive relationship points between the possessed and normal sim.
    • However, slapping a possessed Sim to wake them up won't affect the relationship in any way.
  • Using the "Welcome to StrangerVille" interaction introduces a Sim to another, which bypasses "Attempt to Introduce" when trying to make friends with a more famous Sim [TS4:GF].
  • Sims can still be possessed by both the fruit and the cloud, even if they have turned themselves into a skeleton through the usage of a relic.[TS4:JA]
    • Possessed skeletons will still perform typical skeleton idle animations (eg. spinning their head) alongside possessed idle animations.
  • If a Sim is part of a group and becomes possessed, they will still be forced to perform any group tasks.
    • This includes tasks like "Do something with..." (eg. go swimming with..., go fishing with...).
  • If a player has testing cheats on, the ability of those cheats when shift clicking a Sim will be severely reduced. 
  • Possessed moodlets are currently the strongest moodlets in the game as they add 7,548,431+ points towards the possessed emotion.
    • If applied through a mod or cheat on a sleeping sim, the possessed moodlet will override the sleeping moodlet and wake a Sim up immediately.
  • Ghosts cannot get possessed from spore clouds as they can pass through it unaffected, although they can still get possessed from eating a fruit.
  • Servos cannot get possessed by fruits nor by spore clouds.[TS4:DU]
    • Although they still cannot pass the cloud and will forcefully retreat from it.
    • By using the unlocked Sims.add_buff cheat it is possible to apply a possessed moodlet onto a servo, however, the servo's energy and durability will not be refilled and its face screen will appear empty.
  • When possessed, sims are immune to the Curse of Infectious Laughter and will never react to it.
  • Ghosts with Rabid Rodent Fever by spreading a fear can cause possessed sims to "run in panic".

Glitches[edit | edit source]

  • If a possessed Sim enters a lot and has woken up, upon entering and quitting CAS (through cheat or mirror), the Sim will become possessed again.
    • If another Sim was talking with the woken up Sim, after re-entering live mode the possessed Sim will continue to talk like normal despite being possessed.
  • If a Sim becomes possessed while holding an item (eg. a plate with food) it will be stuck in their hands as the Sim will not be able to put down or eat the food. This may prevent the possessed Sim from performing group interactions.
    • The only way to get rid of the item is to travel with or invite the Sim onto another lot, which will put the item into their inventory.
  • After defeating The Mother or requesting removal of the infection from her, all possessed sims in the world become cured of the infection (Even those not living in StrangerVille), however, requesting strangeness after that will generate a new set of infected townies, even if there are infected playable sims in the StrangerVille.
    • Playable infected sims, other than these who were infected from the beginning will never spawn as possessed wandering around StrangerVille.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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