The Popularity aspiration is one of the five aspirations in The Sims 2 base game. Sims that have the Popularity aspiration want to make many friends and throw parties. For a list of premade Sims with Popularity aspiration see Category:Popularity Sims.

Premade Sims With Aspiration

For a complete list, see Category:Popularity Sims.




Aspiration Meter Levels

Level Teen Adult Elder
Platinum Local Hero(ine)
Gold Noted Notable
High Green
Low Green
Low Red
High Red

Wants & Fears

The wants are the same for all age groups except Young Adult Sims have the want to become the Big Sim on Campus and Join Greek House.


  • Make a friend
  • Become best friends with Sims
  • Win a fight
  • Beat the Grim Reaper
  • Throw a party
  • Have a great party
  • Fight Sim
  • Go on Outing (Nightlife)
  • Make a pet friend
  • Make a BFF (Freetime)
  • Become friends with Sim
  • Become BFF with Sim (Freetime)
  • Have # friends
  • Have # best friends
  • Have # BFFs (Freetime)


  • Lose Sim as friend
  • Lose Sims as best friend
  • Thow a lousy party
  • Make an enemy
  • Have an accident at a party

Lifetime Wants

Base Game

  • Become Celebrity Chef
  • Become Captain Hero
  • Become General
  • Become Hall of Famer
  • Become Mayor
  • Have 20 simultaneous best friends


  • Have 20 simultaneous pet best friends

Open for Business

  • Own 5 Top-Level Businesses


  • Become Media Magnate
  • Become Rock God
  • Become The Law

Aspiration Desperation

When a Sim reaches aspiration desperation, they pull out a paper cup with a face on it that is on a stick and play with it.

FreeTime Aspiration Benefits

Level 1 - Hospitality
Level 2 - Slower Bladder and Energy Motive Decay
Level 3 - Three way calling
Level 4 - Fast Friends


Base Game


Tips & Tricks

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