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A Playful Sim

Playful is an emotion available in The Sims 4. It occurs when a Sim has a funny conversation with someone or if they are entertained by something. This emotion can evolve into very playful and then into hysterical. When a Sim is hysterical, it can lead to death by laughter. Children often get this emotion when watching a kids show.

Interactions and Activities[]

Sims will only have a chance to use these interactions and do these activities while playful.


  • Flash Crazy Eyes
  • Impishly Pester
  • Slap 'Em Silly


  • Playful painting (easel)
  • Play in the Bath
  • Scour for memes (Computer)
  • Strum/Fiddle for fun/Tickle the Ivories (Guitar/Violin/Piano)
  • Make Silly Face (mirror)
  • Try to Calm Down (mirror)


  • Tell a Joke
  • Pester someone
  • Do an impression for someone
  • Play In A Trash Can
  • Play In A Puddle
  • Play In Trash Pile

Supportive Traits[]

These traits affect how often a Sim is playful:

  • Goofball (Emotional Trait): Sims with this trait may randomly become playful without external stimulus, and will roll wants to engage in Playful-boosting activities more often
  • Childish (Lifestyle Trait): Sims with this trait will become playful when socializing with children

Object Auras[]

These are items found, bought, or earned in the game that can emit an playful aura in the area around the object. Players can choose to enable or disable the aura at any time. Once enabled, a Sim can interact with the object, through viewing or using it, and they will earn a playful moodlet. Whether their mood changes to playful or not depends on the other moodlets affecting the Sim at that time.


  • MySims trophies
  • Duffle o' Cash: Level 3 of Criminal Career
  • Playful Paintings

Careers and Jobs[]

Sims with these jobs or careers will gain work performance if they go to work while playful.


  • When the game first came out, Very Playful was called "Silly".
  • In a video showcasing the first videos of Sims 4 on August 2013, the Hysterical moodlet was yellow instead of purple in the final game.