A Physician leeching their patient.

Physician is a hero character featured in The Sims Medieval. The physician is responsible for curing the illness by dropping a couple of leeches on an affected sim, that process is called "Bleeding" the Sims. It's for the "draining blood" process, and then giving them medicine. Physicians can also heal Sims temporarily by using the "Administer Cure" interaction on a patient. To cure Sims, it is advised that the Physician first knows what their disease is by using the "Diagnose" interaction on them.

If the Sim neglects his/her responsibility as a physician, then they might have to pay a fine, or be humiliated. Sometimes even go to an execution, though that may only happen if the Sim is a repeat slacker in their job.

When a Sim is ill or has the plague they go to the doctor to be cured. If not, the plague may spread when the infected Sim enters a crowded area. Quests may involve the doctor having to find a remedy to a mysterious illness, curing the monarch , or even killing the monarch as well.

A physician's workplace is the clinic.


A Physician can mainly craft cures for diseases and injuries.


Tonics can be used to treat sickness:

  • Weak Curative Tonic
    • 3 Grassweed, 1 Valoroot, 2 Wildflower
  • Moderate Curative Tonic—Unlocked by the quest "Eastern Promises".
  • Strong Curative Tonic

Health SalvesEdit

Health Salves can be used to heal injury:

  • Weak Health Salve
    • 3 Bloodmoss, 2 Varoroot, 1 Wildflower
  • Moderate Health Salve—Unlocked by the quest "I Don't Feel So Good".
  • Strong Health Salve


Sleeping DroughtEdit

A Physician can also craft a Sleeping Drought, which will make any Sim pass out. This can also be crafted by the Spy .


Physicians can also craft the Drunk-Me-Not, which is a potion that will cause any drunk Sim to stop being drunk. Such potion can also be crafted by the Wizard.


A Physician can also craft Mouthwash, but to unlock it, the Physician must have first completed the "A Mirthful Love Doctor" quest. It will give Sims a positive buff.


  • Initially, the hero's title is Bloodletter.
  • At level 5, the hero's title becomes Surgeon.
  • At level 10, the hero's title becomes Master Chirurgeon.

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