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Peteran Priests are a religious denomination in The Sims Medieval. This church uses popularity to gain converts, unlike the Jacoban Church, which uses scare-tactics to increase members. Whilst the Jacoban Church is large and Gothic-styled, the Peteran Church is smaller and visually humble.

The two denominations (Jacoban and Peteran) were originally a single ancient church, who both worshiped, and still do worship, 'The Watcher' (the player). Mirroring the divergence of Catholicism and Protestantism in Europe, the Jacoban and Peteran churches are now at odds with one another. The clergy of the Peteran Church can be female and are visually similar to both Catholic as well as Protestant monks. They wear long, brown robes.

The Peteran priest is one of ten playable hero Sims.

Gaining PopularityEdit

Convert any sim to the Peteran faith.

Set a sermon time in the church and give the sermon, You can give the sermon in a casual way, a somber way, a humorous way or an insightful way. Try each of these and if your popularity rises while using one stay with that.

You can also Evangelize outside on the stand.

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  • At levels 1-4, the hero's title is Brother if male, Sister if female.
  • At levels 5-9, the hero's title is Prior if male, Prioress if female.
  • At level 10 the hero's title is Abbot if male, Abbess if female.
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