The Pet Show is held by SimCity Kennel Club President, Sir Will of Orinda, whose motto is; "Pets once ruled the earth and they will again someday, so let's make sure they look good."

The pet show has two (or more) judges. It first appeared in The Sims Unleashed, in SimCentral Park of Old Town. First, the head judge announces the pet show, but only if the player has brought a pet to Old Town. Second, get the pet ready, such as feeding and bathing the pet (which could be done before going to Old Town, and just cheer up the pet so it will be in a good mood). Third, bring the pet to the pedestal, and the judge shall decide. There are 4 prizes, the 1st Prize, the 2nd Prize, the 3rd Prize and the Booby Prize.

The pet's skills determine which prize they receive. If their skills are not high enough they get the Booby Prize.

It is also interesting to note that female pet show judges have male bodies.

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