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Personality is a feature in The Sims FreePlay. There are 16 different personalities to choose from. They were removed in the Teenagers update, but returned in the Life Dreams update. However, there were only two available: Sporty and Geek. In the Carnival update, the Entertainer personality was added, and Animal Lover has been added as the fourth personality.

List of PersonalitiesEdit

Name Similarity to Other Sim Games Special Animations
Villain Kleptomaniac and Evil traits Villain Freeplay
Rocker Virtuoso and Rocker traits
Romantic Romance Aspiration and Hopeless Romantic trait
Socialite Popularity Aspiration, Friendly, Schmoozer and Social Butterfly traits Socialite Freeplay
Sporty Athletic trait

Mean Sprited

Spiritual Disciplined trait
Old School TBA
Fashionista Fashion, Stylist and Fashion Victim careers, Cosmetology talent badge
Crazy Insane and Inappropriate traits
Party Animal Party Animal trait Party-Animal Freeplay
Flirt Flirty and Schmoozer traits
Creative Artistic and Eccentric traits Artistic freeplay
Bookworm Bookworm trait Bookworm
Tycoon Fortune Aspiration Tycoon Freeplay
Geek Computer Whiz trait