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For the trait in The Sims 3, see Perfectionist (The Sims 3).
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Perfectionist is a hobby trait that was introduced in The Sims 4. In the 23rd of March 2021 update they made some new improvements.

"These Sims take longer to craft items but tend to make them higher quality, gain powerful Moodlets after crafting a high quality item, and gain negative Moodlets after crafting a low quality item."


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  • Perfectionist Sims will work harder to finish things with higher quality.
    Embarrass Perfectionist.jpg
  • Perfectionist Sims will get a "Perfectly Made" moodlet after making something excellent.
  • Perfectionist Sims will get an embarrassed "Imperfect Work" moodlet after making something low quality.
  • Perfectionist Sims has more chances to make a masterpiece in crafting, such as Painting, Cooking, etc..
  • Perfectionist Sims will get an increased chance of Masterclass crafted objects, and will react favorably when they do.
  • Perfectionist Sims may choose to autonomously repeat some crafting actions (like Painting) numerous times.
  • Perfectionist Sims who create any Masterwork have a high chance of gaining a Focused ‘In The Zone’ buff which has a chance to increase the quality of another crafting interaction.
  • If they do achieve a better quality during this buff, they gain an Inspired ‘Focused Payoff' buff.


  • Make something of excellent quality

Perfectionist Sims[]

Dennis Kim, Eliza Pancakes, Clara Bjergsen

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