Party Animals
Lot type Residential
Value §53,180
Lot size Large
Number of floors 1
Occupants Landgraab family
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 2
Neighborhood SimValley
Game The Sims (console)
Not to be confused with Party Animal.

Party Animals is the third house in The Sims for console. It is the current home of Mimi Landgraab/Dudley Landgraab

House Info Edit

The house is very large, with a large living room that's connected to the kitchen as well as many skill building items such as the guitar and the chess table. The living room also has a lot space in the center, this space can be used to add a pool table or the hot tub that's in the back yard. There are also two bedrooms that are near identical to each other, the only differences being one has a mirror while the other room does not. There are also two bathrooms, with one being small and one being large. There is also backyard area with a hot tub, cooler and a grill.

Storyline Edit

At the end of Reality Bites, Dudley Landgraab or Mimi Landgraab (depending on the player's gender) asks the player's Sim to move in with them. When the player first moves in to this house, a member of the Roomies family mocks the player's Sim for moving in with Mimi/Dudley and tells them to move in with someone cooler. After he leaves, the player is able to look at the house and meet many new Sims, like the Foofaraw family and the Roomies household. At the end of this level, the player's Sim is able to move in with someone else after throwing a good enough party.

Objectives Edit

The main objective for this stage is to get a new Roommate since Dudley or Mimi is unwilling to do many of the tasks the player asks them to do. In order to do this, the player must complete a few tasks before being able to successfully ask to move out with one of the members of the Roomies family.

The most important of these tasks is to get two promotions at work, this meaning the player must at least be at level 5 of their chosen career track. If the player asks someone without doing this, the Sim will reject the player's proposal to move in; Dudley or Mimi will also mock the player for not getting far in their career by saying,

"Hey, <Insert player name here> I thought you had this work ethic or something."

The Sim will, reject the player if they haven't upgraded the house to complete the goal or if they haven't thrown a good enough party of if the player's Sim hasn't impressed them enough.

Strategy Edit

Many players commonly refer to this stage being the hardest in the entire game, this is primarily because of how hard it is for the player to impress the potential roommate. Unlike many of the other stages in the game, there aren't many decorations the player can sell to have more money to spend on things for the party. The house is also considerably more expensive than the previous two house as this house is worth 20,000 simoleons more, meaning most of the money earned by the player is going towards the bills rather than getting more items for the house. It also doesn't help that Dudley and Mimi are only going to earn around 110 simoleans a day due to them not willing to skill build to get promoted or change their careers to something higher paying.

The reason many players have a hard time is because of the house's size, it's very big and it take awhile to move anywhere in the house. It's especially noticeable as there's a large open space in the center of the house. What many players do is place the outdoor hot tub in this open space since it's so far away from everything else in the house.

When planning on throwing a party many players will get a few potential roommates as not every roommate is going to have a great time at the party so, if one of them leaves another sim will be available to ask. There are a few steps players follow to make sure that their potential roommate does while they're at the before and during the party, first players will make Mimi or Dudley grill burgers when they get home from work. Next, when the player sim wakes up the player will make sure the Sim is in a good mood and have them make breakfast. After doing this, the player must wait until 7:00 AM before they can throw a party. When the members of the Roomies family arrive, they will all eat the food provided and then go use the restroom, it's also not a bad idea to invest in an outdoor toilet due to there only being two bathrooms since most of the time, someone will walk in when a Sim is using the toilet. After the potential roommate(s) use the restroom it's a good idea to use the hot tub next, hopefully the potential roommate will join and after a few hours have past the potential roommate will get out of the hot tub and hopefully be in a good enough move to agree to let the player move in.

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