Parrots are a signature item in The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles.


Parrots can be acquired in several ways, depending on the type of parrot.

The amazon parrot may be purchased in the Village Shoppe or by interacting with a perch and selecting 'purchase bird'. The amazon parrot may also be available at the merchant.

Hero Sims can also get a Parrot from random encounters, for example when visiting the Village Shoppe.

The black parrot may be brought back as a gift from the Skeletal Parrot.

The Skeletal Parrot may be built from items that can be gathered from digging and from hunting falcons.

Interactions with ParrotEdit

To summon a parrot, the player must click on the Parrot whistle in the Sim's inventory and use the interaction "Call Parrot" (once the player has named the parrot, the interaction will change to "Call (name)").

  • Give name to Parrot. (Note: This option only works once)
  • Pet (Parrot's name)
  • Feed (Parrot's name)
  • Send to Attack (Note: This will bring up a menu of sims in the area)
  • Send Treasure Hunting

If you purchased a perch from furnish mode, you can assign your parrot to that perch. When not treasure hunting or with your sim, the parrot can be seen sitting on its perch. When a parrot is assigned a perch you can call it by interacting with the perch or its whistle.

Treasure HuntingEdit

If you send your parrot treasure hunting, it will fly away for a period of time before returning with the results of its expedition. While it is gone, you will not be able to interact with its whistle. (Note: If you also have another whistle, you will be able to call your other bird and interact with it, but you will not be able to send it (treasure) hunting as you can only have one bird deployed at a time.)

Once your parrot has returned from its hunt, it will show up at the end of your action queue. If you schedule actions after its queued icon, the parrot will deliver the results of its hunt and fly away without further interaction options. It must then be called again from its whistle. If no actions are queued after the parrot's return, it can be interacted with immediately. NOTE: While the parrot's return will not interrupt actions like eating or sleeping, it will immediately interrupt and cancel the actions of a Blacksmith in the middle of forging an item and any Hero Sims using the interrogation chair.

Items a treasure hunting parrot will deliver:
Item Use Value Chance*
Fiery Rapier -Weapon ? simoleons 4%
Marked Map Piece - Reconstructing map ? simoleons 4.6%
Mana stone

- Smithing

- Other crafts, such as skeletal parrot

? simoleons 2.7%

- Crafts, such as mechanical falcon

? simoleons 16.9%
Mithral Longsword - Weapon ? simoleons 1.6%
Shard of Map Tablet - Reconstructing Map ? simoleons 5.5%
Ivory Paddle - Playing Kingball ? simoleons 3.6%
Extravagant Map Piece - Reconstructing Map ? simoleons 4.4%
Jewelled Ring - Selling ? simoleons 2.7%
Holy Map Piece - Reconstructing Map ? simoleons 7.1%
Old Map Piece - Reconstructing Map ? simoleons 4.9%
Gems - Smithing ? simoleons 3%
Mithral Shovel - Digging ? simoleons 1.6%
Black Parrot

- Treasure Hunting

? simoleons 1.6%
Gilded Rapier - Weapon ? simoleons 0.8%
Mystical Metal Fragment - Smithing ? simoleons 0.5%
Captain's Cutlass - Weapon ? simoleons 0.5%
Simoleons - Money 50, 100, 150, 200, 300, 500, 750, 1000, 2000 simoleons 3.6%, 1.9%, 4.9%, 7.4%, 4.1%, 4.1%, 5.2%, 1.6%, 0.8%
  • The chance is based on the skeletal parrot, bringing 366 gifts home. Percentages will differ per bird, but as of now, other birds have not been tested.
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