Paradise Place is a village in The Sims 2 for PSP. The lots in Paradise Place are the Espiritu Estate, Dente House, Beaker House, Newlow House and Rossum House. Paradise Place was built on a graveyard, which explains the unearthly atmosphere throughout the neighborhood. Each lot in Paradise Place has an eerie secret to unveil.

The Espiritu Estate[edit | edit source]

The Espiritu Estate is the house the player accommodates during the game. Bella Goth sells the house to the player after she reveals she is leaving town because she was abducted by aliens. The Espiritu Estate is the largest house in the neighborhood containing a courtyard, an oversized living room, a kitchen, a dining area, a sun room, a music room, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms.

Until the player gets rid of them, the Espiritu Estate will also house 3 ghosts: Nervous Subject, Dennis Philips (one of Hazel Dente's previous husbands), and Emily Emory. It is unknown why Nervous and Dennis reside in the house considering neither of them died on the lot. Dennis drowned in the swimming pool in the Dente household, and Nervous died in the Beaker house. The master bedroom, second bathroom, and the music room will be haunted by Nervous and Dennis. Emily is a ghost, but does not appear in the typical ghostlike form nor does she haunt the house in the usual manner. Emily haunts the house by never, EVER, leaving.

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Dente House[edit | edit source]

Hazel Dente is infamously known in the neighborhood as the "gold digger". Her house is not haunted by any ghosts, but does give off a supernatural aura. The Dente House features a living room, kitchen, a family room, one bedroom, one bathroom, and also has the only backyard in the neighborhood. The backyard also features an empty pool and a garden that is found no where else in the game.

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Beaker House[edit | edit source]

The Beaker Family is known to be just a couple of scientists; however, they do much more than fool with explosives. Nervous Subject was killed by one of their experiments and the player later finds out that Gimi Branko is held up in a room locked away from the rest of the house. The house features a dining room, a kicthen, a living room, one bedroom, one bathroom, and two lab areas that are "off limits".

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Newlow House[edit | edit source]

The Newlow house is the only house with a garage. Doctor Newlow resides this house featuring a living room, a kitchen, a library, no bedrooms, one bathroom, and a secret lab in the place of the garage. Once Doctor Newlow becomes Doctor Dominion, a woman known as Penelope Kline will house-sit for him.

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Rossum House[edit | edit source]

Issac and Roberta Rossum live in the house near the road to Deadtree. The house features a living room, another living area, a kitchen, one bathroom, and a science lab. There are no bedrooms. The house is in such bad shape because Roberta does not clean the house and Issac is too busy working to clean. Issac will say she has been "malfunctioning". The player soon will learn that Roberta is a robot. Issac built her to be his lifelike wife.

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Smack-A-Ghoul[edit | edit source]

Smack-A-Ghoul is a mini-game asserting the anger that the dead have on the construction of the neighborhood. Every night the player has the option to attempt to put the zombies back in their graves as they try to escape and wreak havoc in the neighborhood. The option to play is only from 10:00pm–6:00am. As the player levels up, the zombies will move faster and feature stinky zombies and sometimes ghosts. The player gets a profit for their time on-duty just like the rest of the mini-games.

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