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The owned businesses panel is a tab in which Sims can purchase and manage retail stores, restaurants and vet clinics. The panel only appears if either The Sims 4: Get to Work, The Sims 4: Dine Out and The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs are installed. The owned businesses panel can be located at the very bottom right corner of the UI in Live Mode. When opened for the first time Sims can select to purchase either a retail store, a restaurant, or a vet clinic, to which will lead them to the world map and select an empty lot or building to convert it into a retail store or restaurant. The same can be done via phone.

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Once one of the three businesses have been purchased, the owned businesses panel will showcase information on the business such as name of the lot, price markup, manage employees, finances, and the option to transfer funds from the owners household funds to the business, and the option to buy business perks to which retail businesses, restaurants and vet clinics have their own unique string of perks (which can be purchased through perk points, which are earned through selling stuff, talking to the customers, restocking, welcoming customers etc.)

Retail stores[edit | edit source]

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With The Sims 4: Get to Work, the owned businesses tab will showcase the option to buy a retail store. As usual with the business tab, you can see the finances of items sold, simoleons gotten from sale and the expenses. A more detailed window can be opened with the "Financial Report".

Along the top there are four buttons, financial report, manage employees, employee uniform, and sell store.

To the right of the finances is the price markup, to which can influence how much percentage the store is selling the item from the base price. The price markup can change from 5%, to 15%, 25%, 50%, or 100%.

The bottom left corner of the tab is the option to open and close the store. When the store is closed, the player can not change the price markup or sell the store. Next to the open and close button is the business funds, to which the player can transfer funds from the Sims household funds to the retail store. Retail stores cannot be opened if they don't have money in the business funds, as there needs to be funds to cover up the expenses. And finally next to the business funds is the button open the retail perks.

One thing to note is that when the Sim is not on the lot in which their retail business is on, they cannot open up the store or see information on the retail store, as it requires the owner or a member of the owners household to be there.

Restaurants[edit | edit source]

Restaurant Panel Closed.png

With The Sims 4: Dine Out, the owned businesses tab will showcase the option to buy a restaurant. Just like the retail side of the Owned Businesses Tab, players can see the finances for the restaurant and a more detailed window can be opened with the "Last Financial Report" button.

Above the finances players can see their restaurants star rating and the amount of reviews they have gotten from customers. Hovering over the stars will showcase what the restaurants growth opportunities are and what the restaurant did excellently at.

The finances will showcase the overall net profit and the amount of customers that came in for as long as it has been opened and the profit gained from customers purchasing their meal, however, depending on the ingredient quality it may go down.

And below the finances are the same buttons as it is for retail stores, a large button which will open and close the stores, business funds which the player can also transfer funds to the restaurant individually, and the restaurant perks.

Restaurant settings[edit | edit source]

Restaurant Settings.png

On the top right of the panel is the restaurant settings.

There the player can manage the price markup, advertising, ingredient quality, restaurant menu, employee uniform for the chef, wait staff, host and the customer dress code, as well as the option to sell the restaurant.

The restaurant price markup can up from 100% to 125% (default), 150%, 175%, 200%, 250%, or 300%.

From the advertising, players can select a variety of ads in which will help bring in more customers. The options are:

  • None
  • Silver Package (§120 /day)
  • Gold Package (§240 /day)
  • Platinum Package (§480 /day)
  • Diamond Package (§1200 /day)

The ingredient quality can only be accessed if the owner of the restaurant has bought the Ingredient Quality Options perk for 500 Perk points. When purchased, players can adjust the ingredient quality from Grade F to fresh organic, or sustainably grown. The ingredient quality will dictate how good the meal will taste for the customers, how long it will prepare, and how much the ingredients cost.

In the menu settings, players can pick out any type of food or drink in which their restaurant will serve. There are four different categories on the restaurant menu: drinks, appetisers, main course, and dessert.

The employee settings allow for the player to customize from a selection of clothing styles in which their chef, waiter, or host will turn up to work in or players can create their own uniform, which will send them into Create a Sim.

And finally the customer dress code can be adjusted by players to dictate what the customers will enter the restaurant with. Players cannot select specifically what clothing customers can wear, but they can select if customers will enter in their everyday wear, formal wear, sleepwear, sthletic wear, party wear, or swimwear.

Vet clinics[edit | edit source]

The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs introduces vet clinics that can, like all other panels, can be bought and owned. One vet clinic is already available in Brindleton Bay, the world the expansion pack comes with. The veterinarian skill is crucial for employees here. Vet clinics mainly work with pet care and operations. 

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