Ottomas family
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Ottomas family
'Large families have a lot of love to share, but also require a lot of work - especially with more children on the way! Will grandma's help be enough to keep this family strong?'
Name Ottomas family
Members Dora Ottomas, Peter Ottomas, Samantha Ottomas, David Ottomas, Sharla Ottomas, Tommy Ottomas
Funds §35,642
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Seasons Icon The Sims 2: Seasons
Playability Family bin
Neighborhood Weather

The Ottomas family is a pre-made family available with The Sims 2: Seasons. The family consists of six Sims; Dora Ottomas, Peter Ottomas, Samantha Ottomas, David Ottomas, Sharla Ottomas, and Tommy Ottomas. Dora is Peter's mother, and Peter is married to Samantha. They have three children; David, Sharla, and Tommy. At the start of the game, Samantha is pregnant with twins.


(In some languages it could mean Ottoman) "of or belonging to Arabic masc. proper name 'Uthman," The name "Ottomas" could be made to sound like the Spanish words: "Otro más," which means "another one." This would make sense as there is another baby (or in this case, babies) on the way.

Family tree

Ottomas Family Tree


What's wrong with the Ottomas twins?

There is a known bug in the game that gives the twins a random father (and in some cases, a second biological mother) instead of listing Peter as the father. Their father is always a random Sim. It could be a townie, an NPC (e.g. the Repo-man or Grim Reaper), a child, a woman, or even a pet. This is addressed in the Seasons patch, but the patch will only fix instances of the family that are not yet loaded to the Neighborhood Family bin, or the Neighborhood itself hasn't added the Weather secret sub-neighborhood. Also, sometimes the twins look deformed or come out with no eyes or nose or even other body parts. In neighborhoods where they have been housed before the patch was applied, the bug will not be fixed.

Because of this bug, many players choose to delete the Ottomas family and make their own version. Another solution is editing the family tree with the InSimenator or with SimPE. Yet another is to use the InSimenator or the Sim Blender to terminate the pregnancy.

Reportedly, the twins themselves are bugged, and a very bad thing for a neighborhood; possibly leading to serious damage to both the neighborhood and the game. It is highly recommended that you use a mod like the Sim blender to abort the babies.If she is allowed to have the twins it could corrupt your neighborhood.There is something about pregnant binned Sims that could cause game corruption.

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