Large families have a lot of love to share, but also require a lot of work - especially with more children on the way! Will grandma's help be enough to keep this family strong?
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The Ottomas are a premade family available with The Sims 2: Seasons. They can be played in as many neighborhoods as you wish, which is fun because you can play out their story in various ways. The family consists of six Sims; Dora Ottomas, Peter Ottomas, Samantha Ottomas, David Ottomas, Sharla Ottomas, and Tommy Ottomas. Dora is Peter's mother, and Peter is married to Samantha. They have three children; David, Sharla, and Tommy. At the start of the game, Samantha is pregnant with twins.


(In some languages it could mean Ottoman) "of or belonging to Arabic masc. proper name 'Uthman," The name "Ottomas" could be made to sound like the Spanish words: "Otro mas," which means "another one." This would make sense as there is another baby (or in this case, babies) on the way.

Family tree

Ottomas Family Tree


What's wrong with the Ottomas twins?

There is a known bug in the game that gives the twins a random father (and in some cases, a second biological mother) instead of listing Peter as the father. Their father is always a random Sim. It could be a Townie, an NPC (e.g. the Repo-man or Grim Reaper), a child, a woman, or even a pet[citation needed]. This has led some players to believe that Samantha is unfaithful.

For this reason, many players choose to delete the Ottomas family and make their own version, more a solution is editng the family tree with InSIMenator

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