Waiata, an orangutan.

Orangutans are a type of animal found in The Sims Castaway Stories. They can be found on every community lot, usually in groups. If a Sim gains enough relationship points with the orangutan, he or she can adopt it. Unlike cats and dogs, the orangutan is fully controllable.

Orangutans have all Sim needs, except Environment and Hygiene. They also have only three skills: logic, body and creativity. An orangutan can get a job. In order to get an promotion they have to learn skills and have a good job performance, much like Sims.

Orangutans never die and they can't have offspring with other orangutans. The only way of removing them from a household is evicting the family from the lot.


  • The body skill can only be increased by intimidating, chasing, and fighting Sims.
  • Orangutans can learn the logic skill point by grooming Sims, gathering bananas, and sniffing around.
  • Creativity is gained by making funny faces with Sims


  • When orangutans want to sleep and there is no pet bed near they will sleep on the ground.
  • If an orangutan is hungry, it will climb a coconut, papaya or banana tree to eat its fruits.
  • On community lots, orangutans appear early in the morning, right after the hyenas leave.
  • In the story, Waiata, the orangutan, is the main character's friend.
  • Sims can play "Stick 'Em Up" with orangutans.
  • In reality, orangutans only appear in Indonesia and Malaysia.
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