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Odd Jobs
Odd Jobs
Odd Jobs for making extra Simoleons on the side.

Odd jobs are one-time jobs Sims can complete in order to earn more Simoleons. Odd jobs were introduced in The Sims 4: Island Living.

Accessed from the phone under the "Work" tab, odd jobs is a panel with a selection of ads posted by NPC Sims asking for help and offering a sum of money upfront or by the hour. Depending on how well the Sim performed the job, it can increase or decrease their relationship with the other Sim. Some odd jobs require specific skills, while others do not.

There are two types of odd jobs:

  • Needed By - Odd jobs with a "Needed by ___" will require the Sim to do something from their home lot or neighborhood.
  • Begins ASAP - Odd jobs with a "Begins ASAP" will require the Sim to leave their lot at a set time for a few hours, just like typical jobs.

Star Rating

Every Sim is rated in stars out of five, and every odd job completed will add up to the Sim's star rating. The more stars a Sim has, the more odd jobs they will be able to take on.

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