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Oasis Landing
Oasis Landing
Future World · Featured in: The Sims 3: Into the Future

Oasis Landing
Oasis Landing thumbnail
The town of Oasis Landing is a bustling city filled with hidden treasures and places to explore. Whether you're adventuring into the wasteland or taking in a Bot Competition, or visiting those who've shunned technology, there's lots to do in Oasis Landing!
Name Oasis Landing
Game TS3ITF Icon The Sims 3: Into the Future
Housed residents 70
Skies •Cloudy (Standard)
•Bright clear (Utopian)
•Very cloudy (Dystopian)

Oasis Landing (Dystopian)
Oasis Landing thumbnail (Dystopian)
After decades of selfish and irresponsible decisions, Sims strained Oasis Landing to the limit and beyond. Trash heaps block the sidewalks, meteors pulverize the landscape, and dangerous Rifts have formed beckoning adventurers to climb inside to find their treasures.
Name Oasis Landing (Dystopian)
Game TS3ITF Icon The Sims 3: Into the Future

Oasis Landing (Utopian)
Oasis Landing thumbnail (Utopian)
Inspired by centuries of whimsical stories, the Sims of Oasis Landing built a paradise! Flowers bearing Dews dot the landscape and nobody can account for strange buried gold being found about town. The locals walk around joyfully, greeting each other with Whimsical waves.
Name Oasis Landing (Utopian)
Game TS3ITF Icon The Sims 3: Into the Future

Oasis Landing is a futuristic sub-world that was shipped with The Sims 3: Into the Future. It is set in the distant future, relative to other worlds in The Sims series. Sims can engineer children, something that is not possible anywhere else. They can buy (or build) a Plumbot, or sell one to the masses, set up a digiblast display, or even buy new high-tech stuff from the imports gallery.

Unlike other sub-worlds in The Sims 3, Sims are able to stay in Oasis Landing indefinitely.[1]

There are three types of Oasis Landing: normal, utopian and dystopian.[2] The player starts out in the normal future, but can alter it to a utopian or dystopian future by tampering with certain aspects of life in the present.

It is the only Maxis-created Sims 3 world to have no large saltwater bodies, making it impossible to place a diving area in it. However, saltwater can be found by digging with the terrain modifier in lots placed in the wasteland, while mermaid Sims[TS3:IP] can swim in the dam and Wasteland ZEPHYR stop lakes to keep their tail, despite the transition-to-human moodlet specifying saltwater.

By default, Oasis Landing is missing some base game rabbit holes that would work normally there, including groceries, diners, and regular stadiums.

Cultural references[]

Like several other worlds, Oasis Landing contains various references to real world culture, in this case mainly science-fiction themed media. For example, Fryderyk Rama, Lilah Turni, and Bend0 are parodies of Philip J. Fry, Turanga Leela, and Bender respectively from the animated sitcom Futurama. Chelsea Gateway and Gladys are a spoof of Chell and GLaDOS from the Portal series, while the Mere-Wilkins family is a parody of the Doctor's married Companions Amy Pond and Rory Williams, along with their daughter Melody Pond, and the homeless Sims Samantha Loo and Colby Texas are references to the characters Leeloo and Korben Dallas from The Fifth Element. Another homeless Sim, Martin McFleet, is a reference to the character Marty McFly from the Back to the Future series. Other families that reference popular culture include the Bannister family, who appear to be a parody of House Lannister from A Song of Ice and Fire series, the Castle family, who appear to be a parody of the main family in Castle, the Dunes, who are a reference to the Fremen from the Frank Herbert's Dune series, and the Planesons, who are a parody of the Jetson family from the animated sitcom The Jetsons.

This world contains several different references to the Star Wars series, for example the Orey family are a parody of the Organa family, which comprises Bail, Breha and (Princess) Leia Organa, while the Larson family are a parody of the Lars family, which comprises of (Uncle) Owen Lars, (Aunt) Beru Lars, and Luke Skywalker. Bennett Obi is a parody of Obi-Wan 'Ben' Kenobi.

There are also several references to The Hunger Games. The architecture of the town, as well as the fashions of many of the characters who live in it, seems to have been inspired by The Capitol in The Hunger Games series, particularly the movies. The Mannins are a reference to the types of families living in District 12, and incidentally, the description states that they moved to the Mining District, which happens to be District 12's main industry.

Utopian and Dystopian versions[]

Depending on various opportunities, almanac of time options, and Advanced Technology skill levels, the Sim can alter the course of the future and make Oasis Landing a utopia or a dystopia.

The Utopian version adds large flowers that can be collected colored dew from or shaken, and digging spots with stones in a circle formation. Most trees will have a purple, blue, or pink hue. Virtually all NPCs will use the Stride of Pride as their walk, whether from the Wonderland Sim hidden trait and/or the Wonderland moodlet.

The Dystopian version adds explorable geyser rifts, large waste piles that can be jumped into or cleaned, smaller bits of waste spread around, and the ability to eat collectible beetles and butterflies. The skies are cloudy and dark, and most trees will have dark or no leaves (seemingly from pollution), similar to their The Sims 3: Seasons winter forms.

Many (but not all) of the version-specific features are added through so-called Cause Effect Spawners.


65 lots are in Oasis Landing: 33 are commercial, 8 are empty, and 24 are residential.


Household Difficulty Sims Plumbots Money House Name Br Ba Address Size
Archibilt Estate 3 2 2 50,000 Ehrlich's Sustainable Estate 2 2 1125 Serenity Drive 50x50
Bannister 5 6 - 50,000 The Bunkhouse 5 4.5 538 Precipice Parkway 50x50
Castle 3 3 1 50,000 Cellato Coronarium 3 4 1120 Cordial Court 40x40
Dunes 2 2 - 50,000 The Humboldt 3 2 223 Ascension Avenue 40x40
Formerly the Plains Express 2 2 1 50,000 Island in the Sun 2 2 1274 Wet Basin Bend 30x30
Gateway 2 1 1 50,000 Cubion Solo Home 1 1.5 234 Intrinsic Way 40x40
Landgraab 5 4 1 50,000 Harborial Habitat 3 3.5 1100 Serenity Drive 60x60
Larson 3 3 - 50,000 Jairo's Homestead 3 1 508 Precipice Parkway 30x30
Longing Gazes 2 3 - 50,000 The Hot Pad The lot has an unfenced swimming pool that any Sim can use without being told to leave. 3 3.5 1191 Shoreline Drive 50x50
Mannin 3 4 - 50,000 Ephrem's Ancestral Plot 4 2.5 511 Precipice Parkway 40x40
Mere-Wilkins 3 3 - 50,000 Amorous Abode 2 1 490 Precipice Parkway 30x30
Obi 1 1 - 50,000 Lodge on a Ledge 1 1 1504 Desolation Drive 40x40
Orey 4 3 2 50,000 Panopticon Luxury Home The lot has an unfenced swimming pool that any Sim can use without being told to leave. 3 3 1130 Acclivity Ridge 60x60
Party Playpen 3 3 1 50,000 Isla Profecto Vacation Home The lot has an unfenced swimming pool that any Sim can use without being told to leave. 3 2 1330 Wet Basin Bend 30x30
Planeson 4 4 1 50,000 Comfort Capacitor 3 4 1306 Wet Basin Bend 30x30
Plumbot 2 - 3 50,000 Terra Verdantis Family Home 1 2 1103 Serenity Drive 40x40
Russo 2 2 1 50,000 Natural Nursery 3 3 1218 Serenity Drive 50x50
Spector 2 1 1 50,000 The Terrace The lot has an unfenced swimming pool that any Sim can use without being told to leave. 1 1 1440 Division Street 40x40
Beaker Twins 2 2 1 50,000 Terrarium Tower The lot has an unfenced swimming pool that any Sim can use without being told to leave. 2 3 1220 Division Street 40x40
Bot Cave 3 1 3 50,000 The Opulent Domain 1 1.5 307 Ascension Avenue 40x40
Name Br Ba Address Size Price
Argonaut Arcological Mansion The lot has an unfenced swimming pool that any Sim can use without being told to leave. 3 3 1104 Cordial Court 64x64 234,877
Auspicious Atoll The lot has an unfenced swimming pool that any Sim can use without being told to leave. 3 3.5 1360 Wet Basin Bend 30x30 126,746
Austere A-Frame 1 1 493 Precipice Parkway 30x30 17,156
The Campus 5 6 1488 Shoreline Drive 60x60 277,124


Name Size Address Price Type Rabbithole
Barren Wasteland 40x40 1383 Desolation Drive 3,524 Wasteland -
Crash Site 40x40 108 Arid Avenue 7,328 Wasteland -
Derelict Beach 40x40 146 Intrinsic Way 31,437 Dried Up Beach -
Downtown ZEPHYR Stop 50x50 1319 Wet Basin Bend 11,910 - -
EP-XI Imports Gallery 50x50 361 Proclivity Promenade 80,761 Gallery Shop -
Fishing Spot 50x31 1281 Division Street 7,055 Fishing Spot -
Fishing Spot 50x31 1352 Division Street 7,055 Fishing Spot -
Fishing Spot 60x40 313 Emulation Blvd. 9,350 Fishing Spot -
Forgotten Fishing Hole 64x64 583 Precipice Parkway 9,267 Fishing Spot -
HoloVenture Theater 64x60 309 Proclivity Promenade 15,242 No Visitors Allowed Theatre
Legacy Park 50x50 383 Emulation Blvd. 53,030 Business Park -
Loel's Lounge 50x50 422 Intrinsic Way 143,619 Future Lounge -
Mercury Stellar Observatory 60x60 425 Proclivity Promenade 17,914 Science Lab Observatory
Miner's Park 30x30 551 Precipice Parkway 2,182 Small Park -
Mining District ZEPHYR Stop 40x40 410 Ascension Avenue 9,461 - -
Modern Arcology Bot Arena 64x64 326 Emulation Blvd. 15,902 Bot Competition Arena Bot Arena
Nuts n' Bolts Bot Emporium 30x40 304 Emulation Blvd. 74,627 Bot Emporium -
Oasis Landing City Hall 60x60 407 Emulation Blvd. 12,342 No Visitors Allowed City Hall
Oasis Landing Community Hospital & Science Center 60x60 426 Emulation Blvd. 25,289 No Visitors Allowed Hospital & Science
Oasis Landing Community Center 40x60 1320 Division Street 272,466 Base Camp -
Playful Public Pool 40x40 1124 Serenity Drive 103,006 Pool -
Pleasant Meadows Cemetery 40x40 1240 Acclivity Ridge 20,837 Graveyard Mausoleum
Reflective Park 40x40 339 Emulation Blvd. 46,742 Big Park -
Residential ZEPHYR Stop 50x50 391 Intrinsic Way 12,911 - -
Sam's Synth'd Staples 40x40 337 Proclivity Promenade 79,378 Cafeteria


Tammy's Spa & Books 60x60 350 Emulation Blvd. 12,717 No Visitors Allowed Spa & Bookshop
The Erutuf 60x60 394 Emulation Blvd. 139,028 Future Lounge -
The Lending Library 50x50 1312 Enlightened Heights 222,422 Library -
The Mine 40x40 556 Precipice Parkway 24,686 Future Lounge -
The Utopian 60x60 395 Proclivity Promenade 12,167 No Visitors Allowed Bistro
Twin Fountain Park 25x60 355 Emulation Blvd. 27,398 Small Park -
Wasteland ZEPHYR Stop 50x50 235 Intrinsic Way 13,237 - -
Water Werks Park 30x30 1106 Cordial Court 11,282 Small Park -


Address or name Size Price
405 Intrinsic Way 30x30 1,800
432 Ascension Avenue 50x50 5,000
1138 Shoreline Drive 40x40 3,200
1146 Enlightened Heights 64x64 8,192
1171 Shoreline Drive 40x40 3,200
1198 Enlightened Heights 40x40 3,200
1222 Shoreline Drive 40x40 3,200
1437 Desolation Drive 40x40 3,200


There are 20 pre-made families in Oasis Landing; however, they are unplayable at the start without asking or being asked to move in. Also, some will usually be replaced with <last name>'s Descendants household.

New Families[]

Difficulty: 3
Edwin Archibilt, Cassandre Chandelace, JL-58, Robota
Edwin was a famous Plumbot engineer, earning a fortune before retiring. He loves Cassandre but worries she's after his money.
Difficulty: 5
Lanna Bannister, Tyson Bannister, Jaime Bannister, Celene Bannister, Jessi Bannister, Mychelle Bannister
A large family living under strict traditional values. Jessi and Mychelle have begun to test boundaries; will Tyson allow it?
Difficulty: 3
Susan Castle, Nathaniel Castle, Lexi Castle, Vroombo
Three generations living under one roof! Susan raised Nathaniel to be himself, and the quirks only multiplied by Lexi.
Difficulty: 2
Auden Dunes, Asher Dunes
The Dunes family loved exploring the Wasteland, until their parents went missing. Will brothers Auden and Asher unravel the mystery?
Difficulty: 2
Fryderyk Rama, Lilah Turni, Bend0
These three roommates once worked together delivering packages, but now they're exploring anything the universe has to offer them.
Difficulty: 2
Chelsea Gateway, Gladys
Since Chelsea was an infant, she's tormented her Plumbot, Gladys, with ingenious pranks. Gladys is fed up with this arrangement.
Difficulty: 3
Ewan Larson, Batul Larson, Loki Larson
Following a mysterious family tragedy, Ewan and Batul adopted their orphaned nephew, Loki. Today they struggle with his adventurous spirit.
Difficulty: 2
Drake Chambers, Harkin Shire, Kel Gwyn
There's a lot of history between these three, but they're grown-up enough to make things work as roommates...right?
Difficulty: 3
Valerie Mannin, Connell Mannin, Brigitte Mannin, Gilon Mannin
The Mannins moved to the Mining District so that when the apocalypse happened, they'd be halfway to the wilderness already.
Difficulty: 3
Amanda Mere, Rowley Wilkins, Melany Mere
Amanda and Rowley left a life of rollicking adventure to settle down. Can they tolerate boring, bucolic Mining District?
Difficulty: 1
Bennett Obi
Bennet Obi has lived alone for decades in a ramshackle hut. His eccentricity conceals deep reservoirs of strength and wisdom.
Difficulty: 4
Bayerd Orey, Brenna Orey, Leina Orey, Digi, ToB3
Gale and Brenna always wanted a daughter, and Leina's arrival under mysterious circumstances was a dream come true![3]
Difficulty: 3
Felix Finn, Fawn Lacey, Carmen Lavishe, Cr1sto
These friends were ugly ducklings, but they've blossomed into beautiful swans! Swans who love showing their plumage and partying.
Difficulty: 3
Janet Planeson, Gregor Planeson, Judith Planeson, Roy Planeson, Daisy
The Planesons are a family fully committed to Oasis Landing's many conveniences. Their Plumbot Daisy does most of the work.
Difficulty: 2
Ziron, Drox, Lyra
Set up by curious scientists, this Plumbot household is led by the sentient Ziron and its siblings, Drox and Lyra!
Difficulty: 3
Neel Das, Dot, ROB-E, Takk0
Neel spends all day and every night holed up in his Bot Workshop. Will he ever see daylight again?

Returning families[]

Difficulty: 5
Gregory Landgraab, Cheryl Landgraab, Timothy Landgraab, Lara Landgraab, Model U
A real estate boom has caused the Landgraab to relocate to get in on the action. With time, the Landgraabs will literally own the town!
Difficulty: 2
Planchette Spector, 5P1R17
A Sim brought back from the afterlife, Planchette is the last of the known Spector clan on Earth. The mystery of the locked door brought him to town.
Difficulty: 2
Maria Russo, Serena Russo, BitBot
Nervous about granddaughter Serena living into the big city, Maria moved in to help. Can she adjust to newfangled technology?
Difficulty: 2
Atom Beaker, Ceres Beaker, Cyclotron
A scientific experiment transported the Beaker twins to the Future from their home in Strangetown. They love the Future and its scientific possibilities.

Homeless Sims[]




Deceased Sims[]


The names of the four ZEPHYR stops fairly explicitly state possible names for the city's districts, though their coverage of some areas are spotty (especially west Wasteland and Acclivity Ridge). Taking the four stops' names at face value, the districts would be:

  • Downtown
  • Mining District
  • Residential (The main housing area, and also has pool, a small park, and a lounge. Possibly includes Acclivity Ridge.)
  • Wasteland (Though ZEPHYR stops at its far southern end, i.e. Derelict Beach and the Gateway family, there is broad consensus that the entire desert, Bennett Obi, and possibly The Campus are also part of Wasteland.)
  • Western Ascension Avenue villa plains (Name unofficial; the area is not even close to being covered by ZEPHYR.)


Other languages[]

Language Title
English Oasis Landing
Brazilian Portuguese
Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional)
European Portuguese
Russian Оазис приземления


  • The name was changed from Arcadia Landing during development.[4]
  • All of the households have §50,000 of household funds.
  • Many of the service Plumbots in Oasis Landing have names in leet-speak which resemble serial numbers and hint at their purposes, such as the maid CL3-4N (Clean), the burglar 7H13F (Thief), and the mailman L37-73R (Letter), among others.
  • A bug with the Dystopian Future geyser rift causes frequent Sim resets if the game language is set to something other than English. A mod exists that aims to fix it.



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