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Noncommittal is a social trait that was introduced in The Sims 4. It conflicts with the family-oriented trait. It is identical to the Commitment Issues trait from The Sims 3. It is only available for young adults and older.

"These Sims become Tense after a while in the same job or relationship, become Happy when they Quit a Job or Break Off a relationship, take longer to Propose, and can Discuss their Fear of Commitment."


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  • These Sims will have the "Single Again" moodlet when they break off a relationship.
  • These Sims will have the "Trapped" moodlet when they have the same job.
  • These Sims will have the "Career Freedom" moodlet when they quit a job.
  • Might reject Sims who propose to them.
  • These Sims will react negatively to the "Share Big News" option by pregnant Sims, hinting that they also presumably dislike children like Sims with the Hates Children trait.
  • Asking a Noncommittal Sim to 'Try For Baby' has a very low chance of success.

Noncommittal Sims[]

Don Lothario, J Huntington III, Marcus Flex

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