The Nighthowl Saloon is a Wild West inspired saloon in Deadtree. It is run by Hoot Howell and his younger sister, Annie.

In the saloon, the player can buy drinks, and can participate in the mini-game, Howlin' Hoedown. Howlin' Hoedown is where the player, and other NPCs in the bar linedance to country songs. This saloon also has a piano

One of Roberta Rossum's legs can be found in the saloon. It is used as a leg for one of the tables by the entrance.

The Nighthowl Saloon is also an important location for three missions: discovering the identity of the Nightbeast (who is actually Annie), discovering Virginya Feng's secret (she is a vampire), and finding Roberta Rossum's leg.

Sims who reside in the Nighthowl SaloonEdit

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