Newspaper deliverer
Alon Livingston
Alon Livingston, a newspaper deliverer in Pleasantview

Newspaper deliverers, often referred to newsies or paperboys/papergirls, are a type of NPC who deliver the newspaper every morning in The Sims series. The newspaper deliverer in The Sims is called Nancy the Paper Girl. The newspaper deliverers are always teenagers in The Sims 2 and children in The Sims 3.

In The Sims: Superstar, Nancy the Paper Girl will also deliver a copy of the Studio Town tabloid, even if no one in the household works in Studio Town. In The Sims 2: FreeTime, they will also deliver any hobby magazines that Sims in the household are subscribed to. The newspaper deliverers will stop delivering newspapers if the household already has too many; Sims will have to dispose of old newspapers before new newspapers will be delivered. In The Sims 3, Sims can unsubscribe from newspaper deliveries over the phone.

List of Newspaper DeliverersEdit

The Sims 2Edit

Bluewater Village
Riverblossom Hills
Desiderata Valley
Belladonna Cove

The Sims StoriesEdit

Four Corners
Four Corners (Free Play)

The Sims 3Edit

Sunset Valley
Appaloosa Plains
Starlight Shores
Moonlight Falls
Isla Paradiso
Barnacle Bay
Hidden Springs
Lunar Lakes
Lucky Palms
Sunlit Tides
Monte Vista
Aurora Skies
Dragon Valley
Midnight Hollow
Roaring Heights
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