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For the trait in The Sims 3, see Neat (The Sims 3).
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Neat is a lifestyle trait in The Sims 4. It conflicts with the lazy and slob traits.

"These Sims become Happy and have Fun when performing household chores, can have a Cleaning Frenzy, and become really Uncomfortable in dirty surroundings."


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  • Neat Sims get a small fun bump when cleaning.
  • They get more uncomfortable when around dirty surroundings than other Sims.
  • Neat Sims can go on a "Cleaning Frenzy".
    • Afterwards, they get a 8-hour happiness buff from the cleaning.
  • When neat Sims do laundry, the quality is always "pristine" instead of "clean".[TS4:LDS]
  • Neat Sims need to clean, and if they don't they will do it automatically on their own.
  • If a neat Sim cleans something, they'll reset a "timer", you'll see them doing cleaning more often.
  • Neat Sims will clean kitchen islands regardless if its clean or not.
  • Neat Sims are more likely to autonomously choose to do cleaning actions more frequently.
  • Neat Sims will try and clean things that aren't dirty autonomously.

Neat Sims[]

Dennis Kim, Eliza Pancakes, Gavin Richards

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