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Hobby Nature
A Sim feeding fish in the koi pond

Hobby Nature
Nature is one of the many hobbies included in The Sims 2: FreeTime. High nature enthusiasm allows a Sim access to the Peerless Park secret lot. Having a sloppy or playful personality will raise the enthusiasm for this hobby faster.

Nature is one of the great mysteries in life. Interacting with animals like fish, birds or bugs will increase your Sim's enthusiasm for nature as will going for hikes, gardening or camping. Sims who are good at cleaning will gain enthusiasm for mother nature faster.

Activities Edit

Activities that raise a Sim's enthusiasm in nature are:

Available to toddlers:

Available to children and up:

Available to teens and up:

Available to adults and up:

  1. Children can tend the plants once they start to grow, but cannot plant them.
  2. The FreeTime patch prevents Teens from getting Wants to bird watch

Unlockable Interactions Edit

Gaining enthusiasm in this hobby can unlock these interactions:

Titles Edit

  • Uninspired Underling
  • Leaf Picker
  • Hugger of Trees
  • Force of Nature
  • Elemental

Hobby Instructors Edit

Befriending a nature hobby instructor will decrease the friends requirements by one for Sims who work in the Natural Scientist career, but strangely not with the Oceanography career.

Nature hobby instructors wear an outfit which resembles the default PlantSim outfit, and a headdress resembling those worn by the locals of Twikkii Island. If The Sims 2: Seasons was installed before the NPC is generated, all nature hobby instructors will have gold talent badges in Gardening and Fishing.

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