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Mysterious Hut
Mysterious hut
Owner Witch Doctor
Number of floors 1
Bathrooms 1
Neighborhood Twikkii Island
Game The Sims 2: Bon Voyage

This lone shack is shrouded in the mists of the jungle. A strange energy seems to emanate from it, and it somehow seems to be standing guard... but against what. [sic]
The Mysterious Hut is the secret lot in Twikkii Island, and is the home of the Witch Doctor. It is a small cabin that is accessed by two walkways. There is not much to do on the lot, as the hut only has a television area, a bathroom, a kitchen and a hammock outside. When the lot is first loaded, most of the appliances are broken. If Sims talk to the Witch Doctor, repair all the objects on the lot, and talk to him again, they will be granted a voodoo doll as a gift.

When viewing Twikkii Island in the neighborhood view, if players point their mouse to the top left of the screen, a lonesome stretch of road can be seen. Technically, it's where the Mysterious Hut is located, but the lot itself is invisible.

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