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Music and dance
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A violin player in the Zone

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Music and dance is one of the hobbies in The Sims 2: FreeTime. Its secret lot is My Muse - Music & Dance Studio. Having an outgoing or serious personality will raise the enthusiasm for this hobby faster.

Music and dance are great pastimes. Sims can play instruments, listen to music or try different types of dances, all of which will increase their enthusiasm for this wonderful hobby. High creativity makes it easier for Sims to gain enthusiasm in this area.


A Sim doing ballet exercises.

Activities that raise a Sim's enthusiasm in music and dance are:

Available to toddlers:

Available to children and up:

Available to teens and up:

Unlockable Interactions[]

Gaining enthusiasm in this hobby can unlock these interactions:

  • "Talk about Music & Dance"
  • "Read Section ... Music and Culture" in newspaper
  • "Share Hobby Tips About Music & Dance" with a Sim
  • "Browse Web About Music & Dance"
  • "Blog about Music & Dance" on the computer
  • "Instruct in Music & Dance"
  • "Be in the Zone"

After maximizing enthusiasm in this hobby, the "Ballet Exercises" interaction is unlocked on the Basic Barre.


  • Uninspired Underling
  • Foot Tapper
  • Rhythm Junkie
  • Groove Master
  • One with the Beat

Special Effects[]

Sims in the zone will get a special effect when doing certain activities. Sims who play violin or piano will change into formal wear and hear audible clapping. Sims also hear audible clapping and piano music playing while using the ballet barre. They may also appear to be in a spotlight while performing these activities.

The "idle" animations for this hobby include sounds, such as whistling, humming, clapping, and thigh-slapping. These sounds may play even when a Sim is not visibly performing the animation.

Hobby Instructors[]

Befriending a music and dance hobby instructor will decrease the friends requirements by one for Sims who work in the Music and Dance careers.