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Not to be confused with Someone's Mummy.


The Mummy is a life state that was originally introduced in The Sims: Makin' Magic as an NPC called Someone's Mummy, but is playable in The Sims 3: World Adventures. Mummies also appear as an NPC in The Sims 2 (Nintendo DS), The Sims 2 (GBA) and The Sims FreePlay.

The Sims 3: World Adventures[edit | edit source]

In many ways, Mummies in The Sims 3: World Adventures resemble zombies from The Sims 2. Normally, mummies are NPCs, though playable mummies can be summoned from canopic jars or a regular Sim can be turned into a playable Mummy by sleeping in the Cursed Sarcophagus of the Kings. In The Sims 3: Supernatural, Sims can mix or buy the Bottled Mummy's Curse to turn either themselves or another Sim into a mummy.

Simology[edit | edit source]

A mummy inside the Pyramid of the Burning Sands.

A playable mummy will be treated as an Elder by the game if it was summoned using canopic jars, though Sims who were transformed into mummies while sleeping in the Cursed Sarcophagus of the Kings will retain their original age. Mummies enjoy longer lives than normal Sims and do not have the energy or bladder needs. Mummies are much stronger than a normal Sim; they're able to fend off the attack of the zombie bear when exploring the catacombs at the graveyard, and have a better chance of winning a fight. They're also immune to electricity; whether they get shocked by an electric trap or while upgrading an item, they suffer no harm, which makes them excellent repairmen. If a Burglar sees a mummy, they will immediately run off.

The gender of a mummy is shown on the personality page. However, they are unable to reproduce. Mummies also have several special conversation topics. Outside of these differences, a mummy can be controlled like any normal Sim.

To give an example of their longer lives, on the Normal lifespan setting, they have more than 100 days before aging up from the Young Adult stage to the Adult life stage.

Disadvantages[edit | edit source]

Mummies are the slowest life state, and thus will limp from location to location.[1] Often, this can lead to mummified Sims missing work or failing time-based events, but this disadvantage can be partially bypassed with the hoverboard or Fairy Dust.

Mummies are also covered in old, flammable rags. Thus the mummy Sims will receive the 'Scared' Moodlet whenever they are in the same room as a lit fireplace, and will "quickly" move to put it out. Catching fire can be avoided by either getting a Sim to take Fireproof Homestead (Ambitions) as a Lifetime Reward or getting soaked in showers and diving wells. Every time they get in contact with water they get soaked, so they will leave puddles around the house.

When non-mummy Sims (including SimBots) see a mummy, they will interrupt what they were doing (the whole action queue) and get scared/excited (depending on personality and traits). They won't be able to get back to do what they were doing by themselves.

Mummies are unable to be recolored without using mods.

Unless mods are used, Mummy Sims are unable to get pregnant or impregnate other Sims.

Becoming a Mummy[edit | edit source]

A Sim is able to become a mummy by sleeping in a Cursed Sarcophagus of the Kings twice for a few hours - roughly, 24 hours in total. The first time they emerge, a message will appear to the player hinting at the cursed powers of the sarcophagus affecting the Sim. The next time that Sim sleeps in the sarcophagus, they will emerge as a full-blown mummy. Sleeping in the Cursed Sarcophagus has an advantage however; a Sim's Athletic (skill) increases while they sleep, though the progress bar will not show. Sims as young as Teenagers can sleep in the Cursed Sarcophagus.

To reverse the mummy state and become a normal Sim again, simply have a mummy sleep in the Blessed Sarcophagus of the Kings for a day or so, or get a snake from a snake charming basket to kiss you by playing for a long time after you buy a cobra. When the Sim emerges, they will no longer be a mummy. Both Sarcophagi can be "bought" in buy mode under the category with a question mark with the "buydebug" cheat on.

Enter cheat mode:
type: ^ Ctrl+⇧ Shift+C
Turn the cheat on: buydebug on
Turn the cheat off: buydebug off
Notes: Must have testingCheatsEnabled on.

Ghost Sims can also become mummies. Other Sims will react to a ghost Sim who has been mummified as if that Sim was a mummy, rather than react to them being a ghost. Being a ghost and a mummy, does not, however, make the Sim fireproof. When a mummy ghost catches on fire from a fireplace or fire pit, they remain on fire. Since ghosts cannot die, they will stand in place pointlessly trying to put themselves out, until another Sim puts them out, they jump in a well or use a Shower in a Can, or the player uses cheats to put out the fire.

In The Sims 3: Supernatural, Sims can mix or buy the Bottled Mummy's Curse to turn either themselves or another Sim into a mummy.

Owning a Mummy[edit | edit source]

Interestingly enough, players can add their very own mummy to their Sims' home! To do so, you will need to acquire all 5 pieces of any sarcophagus and construct it and complete the Canopic Jars relic collection and put the 5 types of Canopic Jars in your Sim's inventory. Click on the sarcophagus and choose the option "Summon Mummy". This will consume the jars but a mummy will emerge and be added to the household! Mummies are elderly Sims and can get jobs, gain skills, and even fall in love. Just remember to fire-proof the home!

A Sim that is a mummy won't be attacked by other mummies.

Fighting Mummies[edit | edit source]

An NPC mummy will normally be inside their sarcophagus resting. However, if a Sim looks inside the sarcophagus or steals a treasure in the mummy's chamber, they will awaken and pick a fight with the Sim that is treasure hunting. If the Sim loses the fight, they may become cursed. However, a fight can be avoided by simply leaving the room where the mummy's sarcophagus is, as the mummy is unable to leave the room.

If the Sim happens to have a Mummy Snack in their inventory, the mummy will automatically remove it and return to their sarcophagus until they are disturbed again. A mummy can be defeated if a Sim has sufficient Athletics and Martial Arts skill, which can be trained in Shang Simla, China or in museums with martial art items, such as France.

As mummies are vulnerable to fire, they can be tricked onto hidden fire traps, incinerating them.

The most effective and "profitable" way is using the testingcheatsenabled + buydebug. Use that combination and [shift] + click on the mummy an select Delete this object. Or if you want a fast and easy mummy destroyer + easy relic, edit the tomb (still using the cheats combination) place the trap under the mummy (the setting must be fire because mummies are immune to the electric trap, use [ctrl] + [shift] +click on the trap to select the type). Don't forget to edit the doors to normal doors so it's easy to pass the room to room.

Note: for that method, the recommended setting is the fire type-traps place under the mummy and "armed and hidden" state.

Some vampires wish to fight mummies, even if they have never met a mummy or been to Egypt.

Mummy's Curse[edit | edit source]

See also: Game guide:Curing the Mummy's curse

A Sim being cursed by a mummy

A Sim may be cursed when a mummy breathes a dark foggy haze on them during a fight. The Sim will not be cursed if the mummy merely knocks them unconscious. A message will appear warning the player of the curse.

There are nine ways to lift this curse:

  1. The Sim must plead with the sphinx in Al Simhara, explore it completely, and use the "cleanse" interaction on a special statue.
  2. Rebuild the Blessed King's Sarcophagus. Sleep in the Blessed King's Sargophagus and the curse will be lifted. You can also sleep in the Cursed Sarcophagus first (turning the Sim into a mummy) and then in the Blessed Sarcophagus. This can be done in the Sim's home.
  3. Buy a snake charming basket in Al Simhara. The cursed Sim can practice snake charming to unlock the option to upgrade to a King Cobra. Using the kiss from a King Cobra can lift the Mummy's curse.
  4. Get the Moodlet Manager lifetime happiness reward and click the mummy's curse moodlet.
  5. Make the Sim meditate. This makes the curse vanish in a few hours.
  6. If you have Ambitions installed, use a time machine and travel to the past. If you're lucky a message will say "<Sim> was deep in the past and accidentally got the inventor in trouble with the pharaoh of Egypt! He was fired and mummies were never invented. <Sim> is cured!"
  7. If Supernatural is installed, have a witch cast a Sunlight Charm. This will remove the curse due to the negative mood drop.
  8. If you have Pets installed, befriend a unicorn and have it bless your sim to remove the curse.
  9. Activate testingcheatsenabled and Left or Right click the Mummy Curse Moodlet

The cheating way is to use testingcheatenabled cheat, press and hold shift and click the mummy's curse moodlet or hold [shift] and click on the mailbox, then clicking on "make all happy". This will max all motives for the household and also get rid of the mummy's curse moodlet on any cursed Sims. Or, if the players prefer to leave the other Sims in the household as they are, they can control click on the moodlet affecting the Sim with the testingcheatsenabled true cheat on, and the moodlet will be eliminated. This can also eliminate other moodlets the Sim has.

If the curse is not lifted within two weeks the Sim will die. Within the final days of these cursed weeks, a dark black haze will slowly surround the borders of the player's computer screen or game window whenever the affected Sim is selected, as if the vision of the hopeless victim is slowly clouding over. Three hours before the cursed Sim dies, a mummy face appears on the screen and fades in and out. As time passes the face becomes blurry.

The victim of a mummy's curse will have a black, smoldering hue as a ghost. In addition, one of his or her traits will be replaced with the Evil trait, noticeable when a ghost is revived through the Science Laboratory.

The Sims Freeplay[edit | edit source]

Mummies appear as NPCs in The Sims FreePlay in the quest The Book Of Spells. Three female mummies wander around the park, and they are completely harmless. They look like a normal Sim, except they have gray skin, stitched looking mouths, a scratch on their chest, and bandages covering most of their body. Sims cannot become mummies.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • When a Sim attempts to summon a mummy, there is a potential glitch that may leave the Sim stuck in front of the sarcophagus waiting for the mummy to emerge. This will occur if the Sim in question has completed the Canopic Jars relic collection and has more than one of each type of jar in the set in their inventory. To avoid this glitch, ensure that your Sim is only carrying one jar of each type before summoning a mummy.
  • In Ambitions, Twinbrook has two Sims (Timmy DeBleu and Tina-Patricia Copper) who died of the Mummy's Curse. Even without World Adventures installed, the player can see the ghosts, interact with them, and resurrect them.
  • Moonlight Falls also features a Sim who died from the Mummy's Curse, but like the ones in Twinbrook she can be interacted with, made playable and brought back to life.
  • If University Life is installed, mummies cannot go streaking.

References[edit | edit source]

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