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MultiTab 6000
Multitab 6000
Countless hours of research and testing, 3 Llama mascots, and 5999 iterations later; finally the savant team at LlamaNoms Corp believes they've "got something"! Introducing: The MultiTab 6000! Sims can multi-task their way through skills as they listen and learn via wireless connection to exclusive audio "Tab-Casts" and skill up WHILE they workout, clean the house, and more! Sims can also shop online for books, read anything in their library and play social online games too, and all in one, convenient, take anywhere tablet. With the MultiTab 6000, your Sims' futures look twice as busy!.
Game The Sims 3 Store
Buyability Buy mode
Price in game §750
Size 1x1
Official item ts3 Official item
Store item Store item

The MultiTab 6000 is a portable object from The Sims 3 Store. On the store, it costs 500 SimPoints, and in-game, it costs §750. MultiTab 6000 can be used for numerous tasks: doing homework at a faster-fun rate, playing social games (refills social and fun), to purchase and read books, and for listening to podcast.

Child and older Sims can use it to listen to a tabcast. This grants them "Listen to Tabcast" moodlet, allowing them to build a certain skill while doing other things. In conjuction of reading a skill book, Sims with it can build more than one skill simultaneously. The following 10 tabcasts are:

The MultiTab also can be used to read and purchase books without having to do so from the bookstore.
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