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The Mother Plant.

Mother Plant, also referred to as Mother, is a deadly plant in The Sims 4: StrangerVille. The plant resides in an underground laboratory and is the main cause of StrangerVille's "strangeness," as she creates bizarre fruit and other objects that cause infections and possess local Sims.

Battle Edit

Upon meeting the Mother, sim can attempt to fight or taunt the Mother by him/herself, but should not do this as the Mother will simply eat a sim, killing him/her instantly.

To battle with the Mother, played sim must prepare a successful vaccine, drink it and apply it on 3 more sims and ask them to join in battle against the Mother.

Before the battle, player can also prepare few additional vaccines, which can be used as a weapon.

The player must then lead all the sims to the Mother's lair and begin the battle, the sims will surround the Mother and start spraying it while avoiding her attacks, however, the player must be careful as the Mother will attempt to infect the player and other sims, additionally, a local Possessed sims will wander into the room and attempt to attack player's team members, preventing them from attack on the mother.

The player must choose a specific tactic upon clicking on the mother.

  • Group Commands…
    • Be Careful! - Your allies are more resistant to infection, but deal less damage.
    • Charge! - Your allies deal more damage, but are also more vulnerable to infection.
    • Take A Breather - Your allies heal some of their infection, but deal no damage.
    • Warbling War Cry! - Your allies scare off The Mother’s minions, but deal less damage.
  • Throw Infection Vaccine - Your Sim uses a vaccine in their inventory and deals damage to The Mother.
  • Mega Spray - Your Sim deals more damage to The Mother.
  • Retreat - You and your allies forfeit the fight.

If you win, your sim will kill the Mother by throwing a Vaccine into her mouth. and StrangerVille will be freed from infection.

If you fail, your companions will become possessed, and the Mother will eat your sim, killing him/her instantly.

The Mother can later be revived by taking Bizarre fruit to her corpse.

Befriending Edit

It is possible for a Sim to befriend the Mother by attempting to communicate with her multiple times. The relationship between Sim and the Mother will always start deep in the negatives, but talking will raise the relationship slightly.

Upon raising relationship to neutral, Sims may request a Bizarre fruit from the Mother.

Upon befriending with the Mother, sim may request a gift from her, including expanding lifetime, getting some money, or building up skills. The Mother can fulfill one wish per day

If the relationship is high enough and the Mother was already defeated once, sim can also use her to control the infection around the StrangerVille, including disabling it completely.

Possessed Sims can build relationship with the Mother much faster.


  • The Mother herself can be bought in build/buy menu with bb.showhiddenobjects cheat.
    • Her "Root" can be bought separately, although it's not recommended to place it on the flat ground as the root will appear deep underground and you won't be able to delete it.
  • This is the third plant in the Sims series which can consume a Sim, with the first being Mutant plant, and second being Laganaphyllis simnovorii (also known as the "Cowplant").
  • Sim can throw vaccines to finish off the Mother, even if they don't have it in their inventory.
  • The possessed sims wandering into the battlefield will always be StrangerVille sims which were possessed in the beginning, even if you vaccinated them.
    • After killing the Mother, they will either leave the battlefield or faint and wake up uninfected.
  • Hazmat suit is not required for the battle, having it equipped won't affect the battle.
  • Vampires has a better chance to defeat the mother plant by using their powers. Although Mother Plant will eat them if they failed.
  • Upon requesting maximum strangeness from the mother, playable sims that were possessed (eg. Jess, Ted, Leslie) won't become possessed again, the game will instead generate new NPC possessed sims.
  • The Mother Plant is the only plant in the game with which the sims can build a relationship.
    • Unlike the dolphin, relationship with the Mother will only be visible, if the Mother is present on the lot.
    • The relationship remains the same across all Mothers, including custom ones bought with the cheat.

Gallery Edit

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