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Moonwood Mill
Moonwood Mill
World · Featured in: The Sims 4: Werewolves
Moonwood Mill
Name Moonwood Mill
Game GP12Icon The Sims 4: Werewolves
Housed residents 3
Moonwood Mill ingame icon

Moonwood Mill is a world that was added in The Sims 4: Werewolves. The world contains only a single neighborhood with five lots, and is nestled in the forest with a single river running through it. It is a quiet town with a forest-industrial aesthetic, centered around the core theme of a disbanded lumber industry.

The world has been overtaken by werewolves similar to how Forgotten Hollow is dominated by vampires. There are two rival wolf packs: the Moonwood Collective and the Wildfangs. There are tunnels running under the town which can be explored and used to travel throughout it.

Other than the lots, Moonwood Mill is also home to 4 special locations: the 2 pack territories for the each of the werewolf packs, the top of the mountain and Greg's home.


Once upon a time, Moonwood Mill was filled with the bustle and sound of the nearby lumber mill. Today, the town is transformed. The rusted shells of its former industry provide cover for a handful of mysterious denizens who've sought out this wilderness-shrouded community, basking in its remote and anonymous nature. It's a place with a hidden history, and those who live here know that if you dig deep enough, you're bound to discover some fascinating secrets.


Local History


This former lumber mill town may be a bit quiet, but dig a little and you're sure to surface some secrets from the past... and present!

Natural Wonder


Surrounded by miles of wilderness and enriched by rare fauna and flora like the Luna Fish and Moonpetal Flower, Moonwood Mill is a nature-lover's paradise.

Mysterious Sightings


The mysterious silhouettes lurking in the wilderness' trees are enough to make any visitor's fur - erm, hair - stand on end.


There are five lots in Moonwood Mill. All of them were built by James Turner.

Residential lots[]


The Collective Cabin[]
The Collective Cabin
The Collective Cabin
Type Lot TS4 Residential Residential
Value §50,902
Lot size 40x30
N° of floors 2
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 2
Occupants Volkov household
Game The Sims 4: Werewolves

"Nestled on the outskirts of Lake Lunvik, Kristopher Volkov created a home for himself and those in need. He's made room for all who have joined him over the years, with the homey garden and shed out back ensuring those who live here can live a self-sustainable lifestyle in peaceful solitude."

The Collective Cabin is a house built by Kristopher Volkov. It is deceptively large, housing four bedrooms and two bathrooms.


New Moon Shack[]
New Moon Shack
New Moon Shack
Type Lot TS4 Residential Residential
Value §18,846
Lot size 20x15
N° of floors 1
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 1
Game The Sims 4: Werewolves

"This little home may not seem like much, but for the Sim who's looking for some solitude and fresh air, living here can be quite... transformative."

New Moon Shack is a starter home in Moonwood Mill located near The Collective. With two bedrooms, one with a double bed and the other with a single one, it's fitting for a small family.

Empty lots[]

Prowler's Patch[]
Prowler's Patch
Prowler's Patch
Type Lot TS4 Residential Residential
Value §3,765
Lot size 30x30
Game The Sims 4: Werewolves

"This inviting plot just off the Moonwood River and across from the local library is the perfect lot for any Sim looking to settle down in a small town. Inhale the fresh scent of woodland pine under the full moon, and pay no mind to the creatures lurking about and the incessant howling coming from every direction. (On second thought, maybe this would be a great commercial venue for the denizens who already live here!)"

Prowler's Patch is an empty lot in Moonwood Mill.

Community lots[]

The Grimtooth Bar & Bunker[]
The Grimtooth Bar & Bunker
The Grimtooth Bar & Bunker
Type Lot TS4 Bar Bar
Value §60,437
Lot size 50x40
Game The Sims 4: Werewolves

"In a town split by ideals, the newly established Grimtooth Bar is Celene's vision for the future - a friendly, neutral locale where all Sims - Werewolf or not - can gather and mingle.

Though the scrapped-together venue may be a recent addition, the "secret" bunker out back isn't. The hairier inhabitants of Moonwood Mill have long considered it a local haven from curious eyes, and perhaps something more..."

The Grimtooth Bar & Bunker is a bar frequented mostly by local Werewolves, made out of a hollowed-out truck.

Further behind the bar is a bunker with a secret Werewolf hideout.

The Moonwood Mill Library[]
The Moonwood Mill Library
The Moonwood Mill Library
Type Lot TS4 Library Library
Value §59,415
Lot size 40x30
Game The Sims 4: Werewolves

"Moonwood Mill's community has repurposed an old logging factory into their very own local library. Its open and airy structure make it the perfect location to curl up with a book or catch a view of the night sky, and out back, the Wildfangs have dragged old workout equipment into the former loading dock for a handy make-shift gym. "

The Moonwood Mill Library is the local Library located in a repurposed industrial factory. It can be used to access lore books and information.


New families[]


Volkov household
Kristopher Volkov, Jacob Volkov, Lily Zhu
Kristopher Volkov has been around longer than most can remember. He founded and leads the Moonwood Collective, and is eager to take in any werewolf feeling displaced or lost.
Lily joined the household long ago, a lonely wanderer who had lost her closest friends to the vampires. After her came Rory, then Jacob. Though Rory's relationship with her adoptive father has soured, Jacob and Kristopher's connection has flourished. Both bear the same calm yet intense soul, and everyone in Moonwood Mill knows Kristopher intends for Jacob to be the heir to his pack.

Homeless Sims[]

Howell household
Lou Howell
Shortly after Lou's arrival in Moonwood Mill, he tried to impress his date Celene by taunting the town's notoriously feral werewolf, Greg. His poor decision led to painful consequences for both him and Celene, but while she sought a remedy, Lou figured he could just ride this one out...which didn't turn out as anticipated. Will this master of mischief learn to love his new inner wolf or will he try and find a way out of the mess he's found himself in?
Oaklow household
Rory Oaklow
Most of Moonwood Mill knows Rory as the leader of the Wildfangs, but she first arrived as a confused young werewolf under the care of Kristopher Volkov. He tried to counsel control and to nurture her like one of his garden flowers, but the two grew apart as Rory grew up. His ideals and values stifled her inner wolf until Rory chose to listen to the beast inside her and moved out to form her own pack. Nowadays, Rory may seem like she has it all figured out, but deep down, she's still discovering how to be the leader she always wished Kristopher could have been.


  • Greg (Feral Werewolf)
Ever since she was a little girl, Celene has been fascinated by romanticized tales of lycanthropy. However, she got more than she bargained for while on a midnight date in the woods. Thankfully, she discovered an antidote which prevented her transformation. She's more cautious now, but her position as the local barkeep gives her a front row view to the wondrous world of werewolves without the risk of injury.
Wolfgang has lived in Moonwood Mill for decades, where he's been documenting the history of werewolves and trying to give them a brighter future. A famous author who specializes in werewolf "fiction," his books have introduced the idea of the “friendly neighborhood werewolf” into popular culture. Because he uses a pen name, nobody realizes he himself is actually the very thing he champions.


With Seasons installed, Moonwood Mill features all four seasons. During winter, the world experiences snowstorms and is overall cool to cold.


  • Moonwood Mill might be based on the Pacific Northwest, similar to Granite Falls and Glimmerbrook.
  • Moonwood Mill is technically the fourth world in The Sims 4 to have all lots built by Simmers; it is unique for being the first and so far only world to have all lots entirely built by a single Simmer: James Turner.
  • Moonwood Mill was the site of a small ancient Myshupotamian city, according to the "Myshupotamian Tablet: Wise Wolfman" relic.
  • Myshupotamia is a reference to San Myshuno, and Mesopotamia (the ancient name of modern day Iraq).
  • More likely the devs wanted to avoid using “America” while referencing Mesoamerica.
  • Despite being based on the Pacific Northwest the name of the ancient Myshupotamian implies that Moodwood Mills might be in Mesoamerica instead of North America (Or a fictional placement of the continent).
  • It may also be a reference to the U.S. being in the “middle” of the North American country Canada and South America.