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Moonlight Falls
Moonlight Falls
World · Featured in: The Sims 3: Supernatural
Moonlight Falls
Moonlight Falls thumbnail
With its misty waterfalls, deep forests and fog shrouded coves, Moonlight Falls casts a spell on all who enter. The town was founded centuries ago by two immigrant families: the Van Goulds - extraordinarily long lived and sun-averse, and the Wolffs, high spirited and strangely affected by the full moon. they were soon joined by odd, seemingly magical, forest dwelling folk.

The town is known for its peculiar potions, made from the plants, gems and minerals unique to this quiet corner of the world. Some ingredients can only be found at night, but only the truly adventurous stay out after dark... some say its a whole different world under the moonlight.
Name Moonlight Falls
Game TS3SN Icon The Sims 3: Supernatural
Housed residents 61
Not to be confused with Moonlight Bay.

Moonlight Falls is a world that was originally featured in The Sims 3: Supernatural.[1] It was first seen in the official announcement trailer.[2]


The Sims 3 producer, Kari St. John, stated that Moonlight Falls was "inspired by the misty valleys of the Pacific Northwest".[3] EA representatives have not gone into detail about the world, but have described it as a mysterious town, filled with mystical creatures and was founded in 1695.[confirmation needed]

It is situated near mountains with snowy peaks. The world has a variety of new rabbit holes, including Create a World assets, including a town hall, a mausoleum, and a water tower. Most of the homes in town are in the Victorian style. There are a lot of trees in the area, as well as a river which leads to a waterfall and three rusted or wooden bridges over the river. There is also a small flat bridge, possibly concrete, across the river right before the waterfall.

Moonlight Falls comes with character stories, such as feuding between founding families. The vampire family (the Van Goulds) and the werewolf family (the Wolffs) are at odds over who founded Moonlight Falls. The patriarch of the Van Gould family is Ayden Van Gould, and the patriarch of the Wolff family is Pappy Wolff. Despite the feuding, the younger generations of these families have found love.[4]

It seems that many of the Sims found in Moonlight Falls make reference to supernatural-themed media. For example, The Twilight Saga is referenced in the Swain Family, Marigold Maldano appears to be a nod to Sookie Stackhouse of True Blood and the Roommates Supernatural household bears a resemblance to the series Being Human. Other series possibly referenced in this neighborhood include Charmed, Bewitched, Harry Potter and Grimm. As well as these cultural references, the Bloom Institute of Wellness and Commonwealth Court are based on real-world buildings (Toronto's Victoria Hospital for Sick Children and Lowell, Massachusetts' city hall respectively).

Moonlight Falls is a unique town, as it seems to have a mountain group in the centre of the Supernatural Town. There is a large amount of bridges suggested for transportation around town. There is a beach that almost looks like a rocky coastline on the middle-east area of the suburb.

It has a very similar layout to The Sims: Makin' Magic neighborhood Magic Town, including a rocky river in the same shape that cuts through the town, a waterfall and bridge in the same place, a mountain range, and the same type of trees throughout the town.

Unlike the vampires in Bridgeport, the vampires in Moonlight Falls don't tend to have the Evil Trait.


These lists are in alphabetical order.

Residential Lots[]

X br means number of bedrooms, and x ba means number of bathrooms. (0.5 counting as a toilet without a shower or a bath tub). X hb means half-bathroom. X will stand for a number.

There are a total of 31 residential lots in Moonlight Falls.

  • Abundant Richness (5br, 3.5ba) (Occupied by Goth)
  • The Bay View (2br, 1.5ba) (Occupied by Maldano)
  • Country Living (2br, 2.5ba) (Occupied by Singh)
  • Dionysus' Dwelling (1br, 1.5ba) (Occupied by Grimm)
  • Efficient Abode (1br, 1ba) (Occupied by Farmwell)
  • Graceful Getaway (4br, 3ba) (Occupied by Durwood)
  • Great Greek (2br, 1.5ba) (Occupied by Rodgers)
  • The Humble House (1br, 1ba) (Occupied by Pappy)
  • Lap of Luxury (4br, 4.5ba) (Occupied by Ivy)
  • Manufactured Magnificence (2br, 1ba) (Occupied by Nix)
  • Massively Massive Mansion (3br, 3ba, 3hb) (Occupied by Van Gould)
  • Mellow Manor (5br, 3ba) (Occupied by Macduff)
  • Minimally Modern (2br, 2ba) (Occupied by Pok) The lot has an unfenced swimming pool that any Sim can use without being told to leave.
  • Outdoorsman's Delight (2br, 2.5ba) (Occupied by Roommates Vegan)
  • Petite Mansion (4br, 4.5ba) (Occupied by Roommates Wannabe)
  • Pleasant Place (4br, 4ba) (Occupied by Hoppcraft)
  • Quaint Settlement (2br, 2ba) (Occupied by Swain)
  • Refined Elegance (3br, 2ba) (Occupied by Roommates Supernatural)
  • Spacious Revival (4br, 3ba) (Occupied by Wolff)
  • The Tree House (2br, 1ba) (Occupied by Goodfellow)
  • Witch's Cove (5br, 3.5ba) (Occupied by Crumplebottom)
  • Affordable Elegance (2br, 1ba)
  • Comfortable Classic (2br, 1ba)
  • Cozy Retreat (1br, 1ba)
  • The Craftsman's Mansion (2br, 1ba)
  • Desirable Classic (2br, 2.5ba)
  • Modern Mansion (5br, 5ba) The lot has an unfenced swimming pool that any Sim can use without being told to leave.
  • Quaint House (2br, 2.5ba)
  • Stately Starter (1br, 1ba)
  • Stunning Revival (3br, 3ba)
  • Victoria's Victorian Home (4br, 4.5ba)

Commercial Lots[]

There are a total of 24 commercial lots, excluding additional commercial lots that requires certain expansion packs.

  • Aleister's Elixirs and Sundries (Elixir Consignment Store)
  • Bell's Barbell House (Gym)
  • Bloom Institute of Wellness (Hospital and Science lab)
  • Commonwealth Court (City Hall, Police Department and Military Base)
  • Deja View Theatre (Movie Theatre and Criminal Hideout)
  • Eerie Park (Big Park)
  • Everglow Academy & Coliseum (School and Stadium)
  • Fae Ray Gardens (Small Park)
  • Gypsy's Landing (Small Park)
  • H Two the O Indoor Pool (Pool)
  • Hallowed Grounds Cemetery (Cemetery)
  • La Shove Beach (Beach)
  • Library of Lore & Vault of Antiquity (Library)
  • Mind-Body Connection Bookstore & Spa (Bookstore and Day Spa)
  • Moonlight Falls Historical Society & Museum (Art Gallery)
  • Moonlight Point (Small Park)
  • Playful Playground (Small Park)
  • Red Velvet Lounge (Vampire Lounge)
  • Sam's Market Diner (Diner and Grocery Store)
  • Stone Troll Fishing Hole (Fishing Spot)
  • That Old Fishing Hole (Fishing Spot)
  • The Toadstool (Supernatural Hangout)
  • Van Gould Merchant House & Cafe (Restaurant and Office building)
  • Varg's Tavern (Supernatural Hangout)
  • Zoomsweeper Test Track (Small Park)

If The Sims 3: Ambitions is installed, four lots will be added to the town:

  • Barney's Salon and Tattoo (Salon)
  • Community Fire Department (Fire Station)
  • Landgraab Sell n' Swap (Consignment Store)
  • Grady's Junkstop (Junkyard)

If The Sims 3: Pets is installed, one lot will be added to the town:

  • Petite Pony Equestrian Center (Equestrian Center)

If The Sims 3: Showtime is installed, one lot will be added to the town:

  • Performance Park (Big Park)

However, if The Sims 3: Katy Perry's Sweet Treats is also installed, the Performance Park from The Sims 3: Showtime will be replaced with this lot:

  • Bonbon Lawn (Big Park)

If all four packs are installed, the town will only have 31 commercial lots.


New families[]

Difficulty: 4
Doreen Caliente, Rick Durwood, Serena Durwood, Zoe Durwood, Zack Durwood
On the outside, the Durwoods would make others jealous with their nice house, two adorable children, and a father with a great job. However, all is not what it seems between a mother in-law who disapproves of her daughter's husband and two kids who always get what they want. Can the Durwoods learn to live together or will the family spiral out of control?
Difficulty: 1
Gladsten Farmwell
Moonlight Falls is a perfect fit for a guy like Gladsten. With all the fishing, the great outdoors, and friendly people, he never wants to leave…and plenty of local ladies are happy about that! Can Gladsten stick around in Moonlight Falls or will he be run out of town by an angry mob of ex-girlfriends?
Difficulty: 4
Flora Goodfellow, Dahlia Goodfellow, Pip Goodfellow, Fawn Goodfellow
Fairies are typically curious about human Sims, and the Goodfellows are no exception. Led by their sprightly matriarch, Flora, the mischievous Goodfellows have engineered several encounters with humans, from simple pranks to elaborate social experiments! Their crowning achievement is an adoption mix-up resulting in Linda Rodgers’ newly adopted baby being a fairy with the Goodfellows taking possession of the human baby instead. Will raising Fawn, their human toddler, bring them more than they bargained for?
Difficulty: 1
Chauncey Grimm
Chauncey Grimm is a single guy with a passion for storytelling…especially tales of the supernatural. While he can’t prove it, he believes he must be a descendant of the famous Grimm brothers, the writers of many classic fairy tales. Chauncey has come to Moonlight Falls to carry on his family legacy. But will he just write stories or become the main character in his own supernatural story?
Difficulty: 3
James Hoppcraft, Miriam Hoppcraft, Alfred Hoppcraft
Back where James Hoppcraft was from, people worked hard, respected one another, and didn’t turn into howling beasts when the moon was full. And that’s the way it should be everywhere. The Hoppcrafts are a traditional family that values traditional family values, period. Can the Hoppcrafts survive in such an outlandish town or will their values get the best of them?
Difficulty: 3
Rainflower Ivy, Annalove Ivy, Daydream Ivy, Peanut Ivy
Once on the verge of living on the streets, the hippie Ivy family now lives the “trustifarian” lifestyle after Rainflower inherited a fortune from a long-lost great-aunt. No longer bound by the shackles of a budget, this family can have anything they’d like, except they don’t know what they want! Will the influx of Simoleons be a curse for the Ivy family?
Difficulty: 5
Flint MacDuff, Joanie MacDuff, Jules MacDuff, Joe MacDuff, Faith MacDuff, Felicity MacDuff
This is one large family with another member on the way! To an outsider, this combined family of witches and humans may seem strange and full of chaos, but the MacDuffs are quick to pull together and support each other in a crisis (like that time Faith’s hamster died…). The parents, Joanie and Flint, do their best to manage such a large household, but will the addition of Baby MacDuff be one MacDuff too many?
Difficulty: 1
Marigold Maldano
Marigold only recently realized that she’s descended from a family of powerful fairies. She was raised by her late grandmother and recently inherited the family home, where she lives alone. Strange things seem to happen wherever she goes. Is she a magnet for supernatural events or is she just crazy?
Difficulty: 3
Annie Nix, Mike Nix, Mara Nix
The Nix family may be the most “normal” family in Moonlight Falls…which makes them one of the most unusual families in Moonlight Falls! Mike and Annie met at a high school dance, dated through college, and then got married when Mike graduated from medical school. Mara was born a year later. Will the Nixes be able to find some friends or are they just too normal for a place like Moonlight Falls?
Difficulty: 2
Janet Pok, David Pok
David Pok always had a thing for assertive women, but when the beautiful Janet slammed his head down onto the hood of her police cruiser he knew he had found The One. With careful planning, David ensured that Janet would be his arresting officer on his next heist. She read him his rights, he read her a love poem scribbled on a counterfeit bill, and the rest is history. Can Janet turn this love into a life sentence, or will she let David go early due to bad behavior?
Difficulty: 3
Linda Rodgers, Sophie Rodgers
Linda Rodgers has more love in her pinky finger than some Sims have in their entire heart! Thanks to the Moonlight Falls adoption center, Linda’s lifelong dream of starting a family has come true. Of course, thanks to a little… intervention by some mischievous fairies, Linda will discover she is getting more with her adoption than she ever dreamed of! What will Linda say when little Sophie grows up to be a beautiful young fairy?
Difficulty: 2
Dante Morganthe, Argus Brown, Violet Slymer
A Vampire, Ghost, and Werewolf all living under one roof? And, what’s more, they’re all best friends! These three Supernaturals are loving life and are excited to be in their new home in Moonlight Falls. Will their human neighbors be accepting of the three roommates or will they have to depend on each other for friendship?
Difficulty: 2
Dayvid Musgrave, Branch Timbley
These two roommates are Best Friends Forever and share a love for living off the land! Branch is a Fairy with the greenest thumb of all and Dayvid is a Vampire who won’t touch meat or drink plasma. Can Branch make a living in nature? And how long can Dayvid repress his nature?
Difficulty: 3
Alice Fitzgerald, Malcolm Harris, Deedee Wynn, Haley Sumari
These roomies met at a Supernatural conference because of their shared love of all things mystical. Although none of them possess any un-humanly powers, you wouldn’t know it by how they dress and act. They love being around all the interesting characters of Moonlight Falls but how will the town’s “real” supernaturals react to their masquerading?
Difficulty: 2
Chester Swain, Bailey Swain
New to Moonlight Falls, Chester Swain came in the hopes of providing a better life for his daughter Bailey, who he’s raised alone. She’s his whole world, and he loves her very much even if he can be a little overprotective. Despite the time they spend together, Chester is somehow unaware of Bailey’s fanatical obsession with the supernatural. Can Chester find a way to protect his daughter from her own curiosity?
Difficulty: 3
Ayden Van Gould, Tristan Van Gould, Emelie Van Gould
The Van Goulds go back hundreds of years to the very first days of Moonlight Falls. Of course, for a vampire family that’s just a single generation! Ayden Van Gould, the current patriarch, claims to have had a hand in the actual founding of the town – a claim which is hotly disputed by his rivals, the Wolff family. Can the Van Gould’s secure their place as the Moonlight Falls founders, or will the Wolffs rise up and claw it away from them?

Returning families[]

Difficulty: 2
Beatrice Crumplebottom, Belinda Crumplebottom, Bianca Crumplebottom
The three Crumplebottom sisters have very little in common with one another, and yet they have never been able to live apart. They feel right at home in Moonlight Falls, which, like their family, is full of drama and magic. Will these three witches ever find balance and serenity, or are they destined always to express their love for each other through a combination of trickery and shouting?
Difficulty: 3
Samuel Goth, Helen Hall, Frida Goth, Olivia Goth
After having the house to themselves for a while, the Goth Ghosts are now living with a human in their house. Will the Goths be able to get accustomed to living with a human for the first time or will the inquisitive Helen Hall ask too many questions?
Difficulty: 1
Pappy Wolff
Pappy is the patriarch of the Wolff clan and was raised with the dogged belief that the Wolffs were the original settlers of Moonlight Falls…a claim hotly disputed by the Van Gould family. Pappy lives alone on the opposite end of town from all those “undead deadbeats”. Will the Wolffs and Van Goulds continue their feud? Or can Pappy be the bigger Wolff and make peace?
Difficulty: 2
Navita Singh, Param Singh
The Singhs met in medical school and quickly found themselves swept up in a fairytale romance… But this is a fairytale with a twist! On their wedding night, Param was surprised when his new bride Navita suddenly turned into werewolf and turned him into one too! Will the Singhs live wolfally ever after? Or will Param be haunted by his carefree days as a bachelor (and a human)?
Oberon Summerdream, Titania Summerdream
Difficulty: 5
Dwayne Wolff, Erica Wolff, Waylon Wolff, Wilhemina Wolff, Gator Wolff
The Wolffs are one of the oldest and proudest families in Moonlight Falls. The only other family that’s been around as long is the Van Goulds, and these two clans are bitter rivals. Debate rages over the identity of the town’s original founders, but the Wolffs will never surrender their claim. Will the Wolffs finally find the respect they feel they deserve or will Ayden Van Gould buy his way into Moonlight Falls history?
Fricorith Tricou

Deceased Sims[]

Additionally, four Sims are already deceased at the start of the game, yet they are just playable ghosts:

Homeless Sims[]





  • The residential lots in the town are larger than the lots in Appaloosa Plains designed in a baroque style.[5]
  • The town is much larger than Sunset Valley and Bridgeport.[5]


  • Since vampires live five times longer than normal Sims, whereas werewolves live only one and a half times longer, Moonlight Falls is far more likely to be founded by the Van Goulds, rather than the Wolffs.
  • Fricorith Tricou is buried in the town graveyard, despite there being no Tricou Manor in Moonlight Falls.
  • The beach in Moonlight Falls is called La Shove, possibly a reference to the beach La Push in the Twilight series.
  • Sam's Market Diner could be a reference to Merlotte's Bar and Grill, owned by Sam Merlotte, in True Blood.
  • The jelly bean bush may refer to "Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans" from the Harry Potter series.
  • The LLAMA transportation device may be a reference to the TARDIS from the Doctor Who series.
  • Multiple sims in this town are named after characters in Shakespeare's play titled 'A Midsummer Night's Dream.'
  • The Everglow Academy may be a reference to the Evernight Academy in the Evernight vampire series. It may also be a reference to Evershine Academy.
  • The Gandillon werewolf townies are named after the legendary Gandillon werewolves of the same name.
  • The Van Gould Merchant House & Cafe is a possible reference to the Van Houtte coffee brand and coffeehouse chain.
  • The feud between the Wolffs and the Van Goulds is similar to that between the Capps and the Montys in Veronaville from The Sims 2. Their feud may also be a reference to Founding Families in The Vampire Diaries.
  • The town's name, Moonlight Falls, may be a reference to the central town of The Vampire Diaries series, Mystic Falls.
  • In The Sims 4: Movie Hangout Stuff, there is a door called "Green Flower Power - Double" mentioning Moonlight Falls, 323 Knott Drive and Rainflower Ivy. According to the description, he was part of Season 8, Episode 7 of Plumbob Pickers. It's unknown whether he played himself, or was portrayed by someone else.
  • The clocktower and museum may also be a reference to the clocktower and museum in The Vampire Diaries.
  • The Red Velvet Lounge may be a reference to Fangtasia from True Blood.
  • Varg's Tavern may be a reference to Lou Pine's in True Blood.


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