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Image Moodlet Name Effect Emotion Time Period From Game Dialog/Description Notes EP
Happy HighNeeds Feeling Good 1 Happy High Needs A well-cared-for Sim is a Happy Sim! TS4 Icon
Happy HighNeeds Feeling Great 2 Happy Very high Needs! A well-cared-for Sim is a Happy Sim! TS4 Icon
S4moodlet riledup Feeling Angry 1 Angry 4 Hours Hot-headed Trait Hot-headed Sims tend to get angry for the smallest of reasons. TS4 Icon
Confident SelfAssured Feeling Confident 1 Confident 4 Hours Self-Assured Trait Self-Assured Sims are often feeling pretty confident! TS4 Icon
Playful Goofball Feeling Playful 1 Playful 4 Hours Goofball Trait Goofballs are always feeling a little bit playful! TS4 Icon
S4moodlet feeling cheerful Feeling Happy 1 Happy 4 Hours Cheerful Trait Cheerful Sims are always looking at the bright side! TS4 Icon
Sad Rain Feeling Sad 1 Sad 4 Hours Gloomy Trait Gloomy Sims always seem to have a cloud hanging over them. TS4 Icon
Flirty Romance Feeling Flirty 1 Flirty 4 Hours Romantic Trait Romantic Sims have a tough time hiding their flirty side! TS4 Icon
Tense Romance Lovelorn 1 Tense 4 Hours Romantic Trait Romantic Sims need to show love and have it shown to them! In CAS, it says that the Romantic sim will become sad TS4 Icon
S4moodlet feeling energized Feeling Energized 1 Energized 4 Hours Active Trait Active Sims often experience a wave of Energy. Up and at 'em! TS4 Icon
S4moodlet notenoughexercise Not Enough Exercise 1 Tense 2 Hours Active Trait Active Sims need physical activity to feel fulfilled! TS4 Icon
S4moodlet feeling focused Feeling Focused 1 Focused 4 Hours Genius Trait Genius Sims often find their mind focused at the perfect moment. TS4 Icon
S4moodlet unchallenged Unchallenged 1 Tense 2 Hours Genius Trait Genius Sims need mental stimulation! TS4 Icon
S4moodlet feeling inspired Feeling Inspired 1 Inspired 4 Hours Creative Trait Creative Sims find that inspiration comes more easily than other Sims. TS4 Icon
S4moodlet uncreative Feeling Uncreative 1 Tense 2 Hours Creative Trait Creative Sims need to create, and can begin to feel very off when they don't! TS4 Icon
Inspired ArtLover Inspiring Art 2 Inspired 4 Hours Admiring Art Art is a constant source of inspiration, especially for Sims who are Art Lovers. TS4 Icon
Tense Ambitious Unemployed! 2 Tense 4 Hours Lack of Employment Ambitious Sims can be extremly anxious when they're out of a job. TS4 Icon
Tense Ambitious Promotion Anxiety 1 Tense 3 Hours Lack of Promotion Ambitious Sims feel pressure to keep climbing the corporate ladder! TS4 Icon
Confident Snob Snobbily Surrounded 1 Confident Snob Trait Snob Sims love to be in the presence of other Snob Sims. Elitists unite! TS4 Icon
Happy Outdoors Fresh Air! 2 Happy Loves Outdoors Trait Sims that love the outdoors love being outside! TS4 Icon
S4moodlet coopedup Cooped Up 1 Tense Loves Outdoors Trait This Sim needs to spend some time outdoors soon to relieve this tension! TS4 Icon
Happy Outdoors Collected Creature! 2 Happy 4 Hours Catching a Critter Nothing beats taking a piece of the outdoors home with you! Retroactively applies to fish as well. TS4OR Icon
Happy Outdoors Peaceful Waking 1 Happy 2 Hours Waking Up Outside Sims who love the outdoors also love waking up to the sights and sounds of nature! TS4OR Icon
Angry Insane Flarn 1 Angry 3 Hours Insane Trait Blursh! Meshaloob! Blursh! TS4 Icon
Flirty Insane Elicanto Whirly 1 Flirty 3 Hours Insane Trait The voices are talking in the language of love. TS4 Icon
Happy Insane Ooh Be Gah!! 1 Happy 3 Hours Insane Trait Whipna Choba-Dog? Whipna Choba-Dog!! TS4 Icon
Sad Insane Shmoo Shmoo Shmoo! 1 Sad 3 Hours Insane Trait Sometimes wild, mad thoughts enter one's head. This is one of those times. TS4 Icon
Flirty Insane Charming Reflection 1 Flirty 4 Hours Insane Trait Ready for a romantic adventure after flirting with yourself in the mirror. TS4 Icon
Happy Materialistic I Love Things! 1 Happy 4 Hours Materialistic Trait There's a certain special joy in basking in the new-ness of one's recent purchases. TS4 Icon
Tense Materialistic Stale Surroundings 1 Tense Materialistic Trait Materialistic Sims get a little tense if they haven't admired something they just bought recently. TS4 Icon
S4moodlet riledup Riled Up! 2 Angry 4 Hours A hotheaded Sim just can't keep their anger hidden when they have a bad conversation. Hotheaded Sims only TS4 Icon
S4moodlet riledup Riled Up! 2 Angry 4 Hours Ugh! That hot-head really knows how to push a Sim's buttons! Non-Hotheaded Sim being "Riled Up" by Hotheaded Sim. TS4 Icon
Happy Evil Near Misery 1 Happy Evil Trait Evil Sims greatly enjoy reveling in the misery of others. Nearby Sims with negative emotions. TS4 Icon
Angry Evil Good Vs. Evil 1 Angry 3 Hours Evil Trait Good Sims and Evil Sims will never agree. The battle rages on! Nearby a Good Sim. TS4 Icon
S4moodlet sadaboutevilness Sad About Evilness 1 Sad 3 Hours Good Trait Interacting with an Evil Sim really brings a Good Sim down. Such a shame that they've chosen a life of darkness. Nearby an Evil Sim. TS4 Icon
S4moodlet good vibes Good Vibes 1 Happy Good Trait Good Sims love to bask in the positive emotions of other Sims! Nearby Sims with positive emotions. TS4 Icon
Happy Neat Blissfully Clean 2 Happy 7 Hours Cleaning Neat Sims are happiest while cleaning! Needs to be more than one dish. TS4 Icon
Happy Lazy Lazy Nap 2 Happy 4 Hours Lazy Nap No one enjoys a nap quite like a lazy Sim! TS4 Icon
Uncomf Lazy Excrutiatingly Fatigued 2 Uncomfortable 4 Hours Working Out Lazy Sims hate activity. Even picking up the remote results in overexertion. TS4 Icon
Confident Geek Collectible Acquired! 1 Confident 4 Hours Geek Trait Geeks love to collect and catalog everything they can find. TS4 Icon
Tense Geek Need Video Games! 1 Tense 8 Hours Lack of Video Games Geek Sims need to play video games often to soothe their cravings. TS4 Icon
Embarrass Perfectionist Imperfect Work 2 Embarrassed 3 Hours Imperfect Work Perfectionists demand only the best work... especially from themselves! TS4 Icon
Happy Perfectionist Perfectly Made 3 Happy 4 Hours Excellent Creations Perfectionists feel great when they've made something Excellent! TS4 Icon
Happy Bro Hangin' with Bros 1 Happy 21 minutes Bro Trait It's always a good time when there are other bros in your broximity! Countdown starts when all bros leave broximity. TS4 Icon
Happy Noncommital Career Freedom 2 Happy 8 Hours Nothing's better than being unfettered! That job was holding you back! TS4 Icon
Happy Loner Enjoying Solitude 1 Happy Loner Trait Loner Sims prefer solitude to crowds of strangers. TS4 Icon
Tense Loner Stranger Danger 1 Tense 21 Minutes Loner Trait Loner Sims can't stand to be around strangers. Who knows what they might be up to?? Countdown starts when all strangers leave the area, but refreshes if they return. TS4 Icon
Embarrass Loner Socially Awkward 1 Embarrassed 4 Hours Socialization Sims who are Loners have a tough time being social. Any awkward situation is enough to embarrass them. TS4 Icon
Happy MorningSun Morning Sim 1 Happy 6am-12pm Morning Person Trait Skills are boosted for the morning. Reward trait. Countdown not stated. TS4 Icon
Happy NightOwl Night Owl 1 Happy 8pm-4am Night Owl Trait Skills are boosted at night. Reward trait. Countdown not stated. TS4 Icon
Happy Mirror Impressive Person 1 Happy 3 Hours Mirror Feeling like a superstar after admiring yourself in the mirror! TS4 Icon
Glamorous Presence 1 Flirty 3 Hours Mirror Feeling attractive after primping in the mirror! TS4 Icon
Embarrass Mirror Strange Reflection 1 Embarrassed 3 Hours Mirror Something just looks wrong today... how embarrassing! TS4 Icon
Confident Mirror Silver Tongue 2 Confident 2 Hours Mirror Practicing speaking in the mirror can give a Sim a great confidence boost! TS4 Icon
Playful Mirror What a Silly Face! 1 Playful 2 Hours Mirror A funny face is always funny, even when it's your own! TS4 Icon
Embarrass Mirror Feeling Frumpy 1 Embarrassed 4 Hours Mirror Humiliated after catching a glimpse in the mirror at the wrong angle! TS4 Icon
Confident Mirror Psyched Up! 1 Confident 3 Hours Psyching Self Up A pep talk gets you revved up and ready to go! Even when it's a pep talk from yourself. TS4 Icon
Flirty LookinGood Lookin' Good! 1 Flirty 4 Hours Trying on Outfits You're feeling oh-so-pretty after trying on all those outfits! TS4 Icon
Angry Lion Angry Lion 1 Angry 6 Hours Clothing Item Hunt prey! Ravage enemies! Roar loud enough for the whole block to hear! Deluxe Edition TS4 Icon
Dazed Bear Dazed Bear 1 Dazed 6 Hours Clothing Item While talking trees make perfect back-scratchers, their plaintive cries for help get positively irritating. Deluxe Edition TS4 Icon
Energized Owl Energized Owl 1 Energized 6 Hours Clothing Item Caffeine can be toxic to birds! Lucky owls don't fit that bill. Deluxe Edition TS4 Icon
Flirty Cow Flirty Cow 1 Flirty 6 Hours Clothing Item Bulls beware! This cow's udderly fabulous. Deluxe Edition TS4 Icon
Inspired Chicken Inspired Chicken 1 Inspired 6 Hours Clothing Item Wiggle that wattle! Preen those feathers and flap those wings! Deluxe Edition TS4 Icon
Playful Tiger Hysterical Tiger 1 Playful 6 Hours Clothing Item Stripe make the perfect camouflage! Faux-fur upholstery is totally in. Deluxe Edition TS4 Icon
Sad Panda Sad Panda 1 Sad 6 Hours Clothing Item Has anyone ever seen a happy panda? Deluxe Edition TS4 Icon
Embarrass HatOfShame Hat of Shame 2 Embarrassed 5 Hours Clothing Item There is a fine line between wonderfully wacky and downright weird. This hat definitely crossed that line. Deluxe Edition TS4 Icon
Flirty Suit Shine on Men's Suit 2 Flirty 5 Hours Clothing Item Sidle up to every fiery drink and cast forth its radiance for all the world to see. Made of remarkably reflective material, this suit serves as both community mirror and fire protection, just in case somebody spills. Deluxe Edition TS4 Icon
Playful Wiseguy Star-Spangled Glasses 2 Playful 5 Hours Clothing Item Admire the world through star-spangled glasses and marvel at how the world admires you. Deluxe Edition TS4 Icon
Tense Bear Unbearable 2 Tense Nearby Bear No Sim likes being around deadly animals, but this bear seems more annoying than threatening. Unfamiliar Sims who wear the bear costume. TS4OR Icon
Happy ClothesHanger Fashinably Recognized! 1 Happy 2 Hours Being Complimented on an Outfit Your Sim has this fashion stuff down to a science, but more importantly? Others noticed! TS4GT Icon
Embarass ClothesHanger Fashion Scorn 1 Embarrassed 2 Hours Being Complimented on Outfit Your Sim needs better fashion advice before they attempt to dress themselves next time. TS4GT Icon
Vampirecreation strangelyhungry
Strangely Hungry 1 Uncomfortable 12 Hours From A Weird Feeling Appetite increasing! But not really for food...

From being turned into a Vampire.

Sim's Hunger need will decrease faster while this moodlet is active.

Timeout shown as "????". Becomes "Disgusted by Food" after 12 hours.

The Sims 4 Vampires Icon
Vampirecreation strangelyhungry
Disgusted by Food 2 Uncomfortable 12 Hours From a Terrible Stomach All of this food tastes awful... What is happening? This can't be good.

Sim's Hunger need will decrease much faster while this moodlet is active.

Timeout shown as "???". Becomes "Appetite Lost!" after 12 hours.

The Sims 4 Vampires Icon
Vampirecreation strangelyhungry
Appetite Lost! 3 Uncomfortable 12 Hours From Slipping Humanity Nothing fills this empty stomach anymore...

Sim's Hunger need will decrease very quickly while this moodlet is active. Sim will not be able to gain any buffs related to eating food until transformation is complete.

Timeout shown as "????". Becomes "Thirsty" after 12 hours. Sim will become a Vampire when this moodlet expires.

The Sims 4 Vampires Icon
Vampirecreation strangethirst
Strange Thirst 1 Tense 24 Hours Becoming a Vampire  So... thirsty... water just isn't cutting it anymore. Thirst will drain faster while this moodlet is active. Also appears when young Vampires become Teens.
The Sims 4 Vampires Icon


Image Moodlet Name Effect Emotion Time Period From Game Dialog/Description Notes EP
Flirty HotNHeavy Hot 'N Heavy 2 Flirty Socialization Ah, the sweet shared touch of another Sim! TS4 Icon
Flirty Titilating Titillating Banter 2 Flirty 4 Hours Socialization Coy smiles and flirtatious jokes have set the tone for Romance! TS4 Icon
Happy Love New Partner 2 Happy 8 Hours New Relationship A new relationship is a happy event in any Sim's life! Appears when Ask to become boy/girlfriend TS4 Icon
Happy Kiss First Kiss! 2 Happy 10 Hours Socialization Swirling with the feelings of passion and happiness after a first kiss with someone new! Achieved by choosing the 'First Kiss' interaction, and thus, might not actually be the first kiss. TS4 Icon
Happy WooHoo First WooHoo! 2 Happy 3 Hours First WooHoo The first time under the covers with a new Sim is always a memorable experience! This applies to 'Try for baby' interaction TS4 Icon
Uncomf WooHoo Unsatisfied 1 Uncomfortable 2 Hours Mediocre WooHooing That WooHoo wasn't satisfactory. Improvement needed! TS4 Icon
Embarrass WooHoo Performed Poorly 1 Embarrassed 3 Hours Below Average WooHooing That WooHoo didn't go so well. How Embarrassing! TS4 Icon
Happy WooHoo Pleasantly Satisfied 1 Happy 4 Hours Good WooHooing That WooHoo was something to remember. TS4 Icon
Happy WooHoo Completely Satisfied 2 Happy 4 Hours

Spectacular WooHooing

Nothing is more satisfying than some nice WooHoo!

TS4 Icon
Flirty ClothesHanger Love in Strange Places 2 Flirty 4 Hours Woohoo in Closet Aside from the coat hangers, that was a thrilling tryst! TS4GT Icon
Uncomf ClothesHanger Hung Up 1 Uncomfortable 4 Hours Woohoo in Closet This is why everyone hates wire hangers! Some care is needed when woohooing in the closet! TS4GT Icon
Confident 50MileClub Fifty Mile High Club 2 Confident 4 Hours Rocket Ship There's nothing like your first time in space... but subsequent times are still pretty fantastic! TS4 Icon
Confident Rocket On Cloud Nine 2 Confident 4 Hours Rocket Ship There's nothing more exciting than some interstellar WooHoo! TS4 Icon
Sad Frown Drifting Love 3 Sad 23 Hours Jealousy Caught the love of his life flirting with another. Are they joking around or losing interest?  TS4 Icon
Sad Heartbreak Break Up Blues 2 Sad 10 Hours Breaking Up A relationship coming to an end is a sad event in any Sim's life. 'Break Up' is a mean interaction that tanks the love meter. Takes longer than that to replenish. TS4 Icon
Sad Rain Devastating Breakup 3 Sad 10 Hours Breaking Up Gloomy Sims can't handle the emotional weight of a breakup. Gloomy Sims only. 'Break Up' is a mean interaction that tanks the love meter. Takes longer than that to replenish. TS4 Icon
Confident Gossip Bragged about Conquests 1 Confident 4 Hours Socialization A real WooHoo master doesn't kiss and tell... unless there's someone willing to listen, that is. This 'Friendly' interaction unlocks after WooHooing, successful interaction grants this moodlet. TS4 Icon
Confident Flatter Totally Digging Me 1 Confident 4 Hours Exchanging Numbers This could be the start of a beautiful relationship! TS4GT Icon
Flirty Note Musical Dedication 2 Flirty 4 Hours Socialization Someone promised to dedicate a Song to this Sim. How romantic! TS4 Icon
Happy Love2 Promised! 3 Happy 24 Hours Exchanging Promise Rings A Sim in love isAdd never too young to make a pact that could last a lifetime. TS4 Icon
Happy Engaged Engaged! 3 Happy 24 Hours Engagement These Sims are engaged to be wed! Save the date! TS4 Icon
Happy Wedding Wedding Fantasy 1 Happy 3 Hours Fantasizing about Weddings In a good mood after picturing the perfect wedding. TS4 Icon
Happy WeddingCake Cut Your Wedding Cake! 2 Happy 3 Hours Cutting the Wedding Cake What's the best way to celebrate? Yup, it's cake. TS4 Icon
Happy Married Just Married! 3 Happy 2 Days Marriage The promise of a lifetime of companionship would make any Sim happy. TS4 Icon
Embarrass Heartbreak Rejected! 4 Embarrassed Rejected Proposal This moodlet appears with 'Awkward Encounter', which may kill the Sim TS4 Icon
Happy GreatRelief Great Relief! 1 Happy 4 Hours Emotional Support Sharing the emotional burden with their spouse is a great relief for any Sim. This 'Friendly' interaction is only available to Sims who complete the "Soulmate" aspiration. TS4 Icon

Pregnancy / Babies / Children / TeensEdit

Image Moodlet Name Effect Emotion Time Period From Game Dialog/Description Notes EP
Happy Baby Eating for Two! 1 Happy 24 Hours Trying for Baby It is thrilling to discover a life growing inside you. Changes to 'Pregnant: 2nd Trimester' when timer expires. TS4 Icon
Happy Baby Pregnant: 2nd Trimester 1 Happy 24 Hours Trying for Baby (Sim Name) is well into her pregnancy now and is excited to be a mother. Changes to 'Pregnant: 3rd Trimester' when timer expires. TS4 Icon
Happy Baby Pregnant: 3rd Trimester 1 Happy 24 Hours Trying for Baby This Sim is nearly full term; more than ready to have this kid and be done with it already! Changes to 'Pregnant: In Labor' when timer expires. Timer shown as "???", as it is an approximation. TS4 Icon
Uncomf Baby Pregnant: In Labor 40 Uncomfortable 3 Hours Trying for Baby It's go time! Changes to 'New Baby!' when timer expires. TS4 Icon
Uncomf Baby Weird Tummy Ache 1 Uncomfortable Eating Something Funny? (Sims Name) isn't feeling too hot, must be something he ate Changes to 'Weird Weight Gain' after a while. Timer absent. TS4GTW Icon
Uncomf Baby Weird Weight Gain 1 Uncomfortable Funky Metabolism (Sim Name) has put on quite a few pounds. Surely this is just a phase. Changes to 'Abnormal Changes to Body' after a while. Timer absent. TS4GTW Icon
Uncomf Baby Abnormal Changes to Body 1 Uncomfortable Unknown, Terrifying Reasons Something is definitely not right! (Sim Name)'s changing body has left him quite suspicious. Changes to 'Imminent Close Encounter' after a while. Timer absent. TS4GTW Icon
Uncomf Baby Imminent Close Encounter 40 Uncomfortable Unidentified Lifeform Growing Within Whatever it is, it's about to come out!

Changes to 'New Baby!' after a while. Timer absent.

Happy Baby New Baby! 3 Happy 2 Days New Baby No moment in a Sim's life is more joyous than the birth of a child! TS4 Icon
Uncomf Baby Morning Sickness 3 Uncomfortable 1 Hour Pregnancy (Sim Name) woke up feeling violently ill, as if someone was pushing her insides all around... Randomly appears. TS4 Icon
S4moodlet conception tension Conception Tension 1 Tense Until 1st Trimester Begins Trying For Baby If a Sim hates children, they are bound to be a little tense about a potential pregnancy. Sims who Hate Children only. TS4 Icon
Sad Crib Baby Whisked Away 4 Sad 4 Hours Removed Baby A neglected baby can draw a tear from even the staunchest Sim. TS4 Icon
New Sibling! 2 Happy 4 Hours Meeting New Sibling (Sim Name) can't wait to play with a new sibling! TS4 Icon
New Sibling... 2 Sad 4 Hours Meeting New Sibling (Sim Name) is in tears after meeting a new sibling he/she didn't want. TS4 Icon
Happy Teddy You've Got a (Giant) Friend 1 Happy 4 Hours Hugging Oversized Stuffed Animal Sometimes, all it takes is a hug with a stuffed animal to make your day a little brighter. TS4 Icon
Inspired Teddy Big Best Friend 1 Inspired 4 Hours Playing With Oversized Stuffed Animal Magical moments with their stuffed buddies leave Sims feeling inspired. TS4 Icon
Inspired Playdo Inspiring Blob 1 Inspired 3 Hours Molding Clay Blob Clay has so much potential. All the possibilities are inspiring! TS4 Icon
Happy MonkeyBars Monkey Master 1 Happy 4 Hours Monkey Bars Any primate would be impressed with this level of motor skill. TS4 Icon
Playful Carousel Playing Pirate 1 Playful 2 Hours Playing on Jungle Gym Sailing the seven seas! Yargh! Beware of salty sea monsters. TS4 Icon
Playful Carousel Playing Space Explorer 1 Playful Playing on Jungle Gym Navigating the final frontier in search of adventure. TS4 Icon
Inspired Dollhouse Doll House Inspiration 1 Inspired 4 Hours Playing With Dollhouse The creativity is strong with this one. TS4 Icon
Happy Dollhouse Dollhouse Fun! 1 Happy 3 Hours Playing With Dollhouse Making up stories for little people is always a good time! TS4 Icon
Sad Dollhouse Poor Dolls 1 Sad Broken Dollhouse Someone smashed the dollhouse, how terrible! TS4 Icon
Happy HomeWrecker Home Wrecker 1 Happy 4 Hours Smashing Dollhouse Some Sims love to witness and exact wanton destruction! Sims must have Evil, Hotheaded, Hates Children or Mean trait to smash dollhouses, Sims can also smash dollhouses if they are angry or dazed. TS4 Icon
Focus Glasses Telepathic? 1 Focused 3 Hours Doing Mental Telepathy Well, not really telepathic, but the attempt can really focus the mind! Interaction unlocks when Mental skill is leveled up. TS4 Icon
S4moodlet feeling inspired Dreamed a Dream 2 Inspired 3 Hours Daydreaming Sometimes, a head in the clouds can result in a few bright ideas! Interaction unlocks when Creative skill is leveled up. TS4 Icon
Confident Homework Homework Champion 1 Confident 3 Hours Completing Homework Nothing like finishing a little school work to boost the old confidence. TS4 Icon
Confident School2 Praised for Grades! 1 Confident 3 Hours Being Praised Parental recognition for hard work in school puts a spring in any Sim's step! TS4 Icon
Happy School Good Grades 1 Happy 8 Hours Grade Improvement Succeeding in school makes young Sims particularly happy! TS4 Icon
Embarrass School Poor Performance 1 Embarrassed 8 Hours Grade Reduction Seems as though distractions are getting in the way of education. TS4 Icon
Angry School Annoying School Day 1 Angry 8 Hours School Ugh! Teachers can be so annoying sometimes... Random after school. TS4 Icon
Bored School Boring School Day 1 Bored 8 Hours School Class today just dragged on and on and on... Random after school. TS4 Icon
Confident School Killer School Day 1 Confident 8 Hours School If only there was some way someone could rate (Sim Name)'s school day today...It would definitely be a 10! Random after school. TS4 Icon
Embarrass School Awful School Day 1 Embarrassed 8 Hours School Dropped a tray in front of everyone in the cafeteria today. How embarrassing. Random after school. TS4 Icon
Energized School Exciting School Day 1 Energized 8 Hours School Great friends, learning stuff and backpacks! What's not to love? Random after school. TS4 Icon
Flirty School

Flirtatious School Day

1 Flirty 8 Hours School Got a compliment from a cute classmate. Pretty good day! Random after school. Teens only due to children being unable to become Flirty. TS4 Icon
Focus School Productive School Day 1 Focused 8 Hours School Feels so good to get stuff done! Now's the time to own that homework! Random after school. TS4 Icon
Happy School Satisfying School Day 1 Happy 8 Hours School You aced the pop quiz, won on the playground, and dropped an epic joke during math class. Just an all around solid day at school. Random after school. TS4 Icon
Enlightening School Day 1 Inspired 8 Hours School Random after school.
Playful School Funny School Day 1 Playful 8 Hours School The funniest thing happened at school today. No, it was not class related. Random after school. TS4 Icon
Sad School Bummer School Day 1 Sad 8 Hours School Ever had one of those days at school where you just felt like you needed a hug? Random after school TS4 Icon
Tense School Stressful School Day 1 Tense 8 Hours School It doesn't matter how much you study, a hard test is always stressful. Random after school TS4 Icon
Tense School2 Stressed from School 1 Tense 2 Hours School Too much studying at school can make any kid a little tense! Working Hard work tone. TS4 Icon
Happy Cheer Happy from School 1 Happy 4 Hours School Feeling happy from slacking off at school. Slacking Off work tone. TS4 Icon
Playful School Someone Else in Trouble 1 Playful 13 Hours a School Event Sometimes, people get what's coming to them. Grade school Chance Card TS4 Icon
Angry School Sent in the Hall 1 Angry 13 Hours a School Event Being bothered is bad enough, but getting in trouble for it is infuriating. Grade school

Chance Card

TS4 Icon
Sad School Sly Cheater 1 Sad 13 Hours a School Event Maybe letting others see the answers isn't the worst thing in the world. Grade school Chance Card TS4 Icon
Embarrass School Caught Napping 1 Embarrassed 13 Hours a School Event That nap was really quite nice, at least until the Coach interrupted it. Grade school Chance Card TS4 Icon
Happy School Secret Admirer 1 Happy 13 Hours a School Event It seems the secret admirer is no longer a secret. What to do next? Grade school Chance Card TS4 Icon
Playful School Finders Keepers 1 Playful 8 Hours a School Event Hey now! A few extra Simoleons certainly improved THIS life moment. High school Chance Card TS4 Icon
Bored School Principal's Speech 1 Bored 8 Hours a School Event Maybe keeping the money would have been best after all. High school Chance Card TS4 Icon
Playful School Ahead of Rival 1 Playful 8 Hours a School Event It feels good to sail ahead of the competition, regardless of how it happens. High school Chance Card TS4 Icon
Angry School Ungrateful Rival 1 Angry 8 Hours a School Event Guess that's the reward for doing a good deed. High school Chance Card TS4 Icon
Focus Homework Homework Complete 1 Focused 8 Hours a School Event It feels great to only have reading left over and be done with everything else! High school Chance Card TS4 Icon

Hazards and HealthEdit

Image Moodlet Name Effect Emotion Time Period From Game Dialog/Description Notes EP
Uncomf Sick Nauseated 3 Uncomfortable 30 minutes Eating spoiled food or Drinking spoiled drink The ol' stomach isn't feeling so good. Changes to "UUURRRRPPPP!" when the timer expires. TS4 Icon
Uncomf Sick UUURRRRPPPP! 10 Uncomfortable 1 hour Nausea Uh oh! Those stomach gurgles don't sound good! Your Sim will throw up when the timer expires. TS4 Icon
Uncomf Pillow Fatigued 1 Uncomfortable 4 Hours Working Out It's good to take a break to let those sore muscles rest. Changes to "Pulled Muscle" when timer expires if working out continues. TS4 Icon
Uncomf Workout Pulled Muscle 1 Uncomfortable 4 Hours Working Out Ow, everything hurts! Maybe that was pushing it a bit too much... TS4 Icon
Uncomf Bed Sore Back! 1 Uncomfortable 3 Hours Cheap Bed Ouch! That mattress was firm. Like concrete. TS4 Icon
Tense Fire Fire! 50 Tense Nearby Fire Fire! Sims must extinguish fires or flee them. Despite the description, Sims still run towards the fire, not away from it. TS4 Icon
S4moodlet im on fire I'm on Fire! 3 Tense Until Sim is extinguished or burns to death Being Lit on Fire Oh no! This Sim needs to be extinguished... and quick! If not extinguished quickly,sim will die TS4 Icon
Tense Extinguish Fire Is Out! 1 Tense 24 Hours Fire Being Extinguished Thank goodness the fire is over. Could it have been any worse? TS4 Icon
S4moodlet singed Singed 3 Tense 18 Hours Previously Being on Fire Covered head to toe in soot. Better wash this stuff off. TS4 Icon
Confident Fire Fire Fighter! 1 Confident 6 Hours Extinguishing a Fire Bravely extinguishing a blaze really boosts a Sim's confidence! TS4 Icon
Dazed Electrify Seriously Fried 40 Dazed 3 Hours Being Electrocuted That was a close call... I really shouldn't mess with any electronics for a while... If Sims repair something with this moodlet, they will die TS4 Icon
Angry Bills Burdensome Bills 1 Angry 4 Hours Paying Bills How dare the government demand you pay bills! That's your hard earned money! TS4 Icon
Sad Bills Burdensome Bills 1 Sad 4 Hours Paying Bills Bills are on of life's frequent woes that sadden those with a grim outlook. Gloomy Sims only. TS4 Icon
Knocked Out! 1 Uncomfortable 24 Minutes Knockout Gas Some things are worth sleeping through. TS4 Icon
Uncomf BurntArm Burnt Arm 2 Uncomfortable 4 Hours Campfire Ouch! Shouldn't try that again... TS4OR Icon
Sad Home Homesick 2 Sad 4 Hours Being Away From Home Too much time in the forest can take a toll on the best of us. Randomly appears TS4OR Icon
Uncomf StinkBug Foul Stench 1 Uncomfortable 3 Hours Trying to Catch an Insect Pew! That smells awful. TS4OR Icon
Uncomf Bear Mauled by Bear 2 Uncomfortable 4 Hours Bramble Patch You can never be too careful when exploring mausoleums and bramble patches. A reference to the mausoleum adventures in The Sims 3. TS4OR Icon
Uncomf Fever Feverish 1-2 Uncomfortable 2-3 Hours Illness (Sim Name) is hot, like super-hot, and not that good, ready-for-his-close-up kinda way. Intensity and time length can vary for all symptoms. TS4GTW Icon
Uncomf Tonic Nauseous 1-2 Uncomfortable 2-3 Hours Illness (Sim Name) is fighting a battle of the belly... and losing epically. TS4GTW Icon
Uncomf Headache Headachy 1-2 Uncomfortable 2-3 Hours Illness (Sim Name)'s brain feels about 3 1/2 sizes too large for the head-space provided. TS4GTW Icon
Uncomf Complain Stuffed Up 1-2 Uncomfortable 2-3 Hours Illness There's a party inside (Sim Name)'s face, with the sole intent of thrashing the place. TS4GTW Icon
Dazed Dizzy Dizzy 1-2 Dazed 2-3 Hours Illness (Sim Name) can't tell if it's him, or the rest of the world that's spinning. TS4GTW Icon
Delirious Delirious 1-2 Dazed 2-3 Hours Illness Seeing stars is usually a good thing, except when you're the only one that does. Sim will swat at the air. TS4GTW Icon
Scratchy Scratchy 1-2 Uncomfortable 2-3 Hours Illness It feels as if there is a swarm of invisible insects marching all over (Sim Name)'s skin. Sim will scratch at themself.

Severity of symptoms varies.

Playful Giggly Giggly 1-2 Playful 2-3 Hours Illness Uncontrollable laughs are only funny for so long. TS4GTW Icon
Tense Steam Pressurized 1-2 Tense 2-3 Illness (Sim Name)'s head is a little like a teapot: short, stout and all steamed up! TS4GTW Icon
Happy Plus Combating a Cold 1 Happy Home Remedy Hydration Sometimes simple home remedies are the best medicine. TS4GTW Icon
Energized Tonic Medicated 1 Energized 4 Hours Taking Medicine The sudden lack of symptoms and potency of the medication has given (Sim Name) a brief burst of curative energy. TS4GTW Icon
Dazed Drugs Over-Medicated 1 Dazed 3 Hours Taking Medicine  This is (Sim Name). This is (Sim Name) on prescription drugs. Any questions? TS4GTW Icon
Vampire burnedbysun
Burning Despite Greater Sun Resistance 1-3 Uncomfortable Until Sim leaves the sunlight Being in the sun Greater Sun Resistance really helps with the burning, but man does that still sting!

Vampires only. Moodlet strength will vary depending on the perks the Sim has. Strength will decrease if the Sim has Sun Resistance, but increase if the Sim has Sun Weakness.

Becomes "The Third Degree" if Vampire Energy is depleted.

The Sims 4 Vampires Icon
Burning Despite Sun Resistance Even though there's some protection from the Sun, it still burns!
Sizzling Epidermis Vampires and the sun don't mix. Unlike solar cells, the sun will slowly drain a vampire's energy.
Enhanced Sizzling Being thin skinned really takes on new meaning for a vampire.
Flaming Flesh Staying indoors is best before someone confuses {0.SimFirstName} with an outdoor barbecue.
Combustible Plasma UGH, WHERE IS THE SHADE?!
Vampire dyingbysun
The Third Degree 10 Uncomfortable Until Sim leaves the sunlight Being in the sun The damage has been done! Now must seek shelter from the sun!

Vampires only. Moodlet description will vary depending on the perks the Sim has.

Moodlet will be removed if the Sim dies from sunlight.

The Sims 4 Vampires Icon
Must seek cover immediately! No time to lose!
Seek cover immediately! Quick! Little time is left before (Sim Name) makes it back to the grave!
The sun is quite unforgiving! Seek cover!
Seek cover immediately! The UV damage has been done. Little time is left before {0.SimFirstName} is put back in the grave.