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|name = Moe Pesce
|image = [[File:Screenshot-29.jpg|225px|Moe Pesce]]
|caption = Moe wants to be the master of all things that swim (mostly the fish), but he isn't shy about hanging out at the pool to try to pick up potential romantic leads. However Moe is a good guy with a great work ethic.
|sex = Male
|age = Young Adult
|trait1 = Loves the Outdoors
|trait2 = Handy
|trait3 = Workaholic
|trait4 = Good Sense of Humor
|trait5 = Angler
|wish = The Perfect Garden
|music = Classical
|food = Spaghetti
|color = Orange
|hair = Brown
|eye = Brown
|skin = Tan
|body = Fit
|family =
|parents = Unknown
|game = The Sims 3 Store
|siblings = None
|spouse = {{relative|[[Agnes Seabottom]]|Ex-girlfriend}}
|maritalstatus = Single
|child = None
|economicstatus =
|play = Playable
|neighbor = Barnacle Bay
|theories =
'''Moe Pesce''' is a pre-made single Sim who lives in [[Barnacle Bay]]. He enjoys fishing and is described as a good guy. Moe is exes with [[Agnes Seabottom]], friends with [[Alec Trebo]], [[Dave Piece]], [[Richie Radan]], [[Rahul Patel]] and [[Morgan Inkbeard]], enemies with [[Thomas Quill]] and dislikes [[Roger Rao]].
''Pesce'' means ''"fish"''' in Italian.
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[[Category:Sims with facial hair]]
[[Category:Sims with facial hair]]
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[[Category:Sims who have exes]]

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