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Minor pet
Minor Pets Blue Gold Macaw
A blue-gold macaw on a bird tree

Not to be confused with small pet.

Minor pets are small collectible animals, which include lizards, snakes, rodents, turtles, small birds, and large birds. Minor pets are featured in The Sims 3: Pets and The Sims 4: My First Pet Stuff. Minor pets can be set free if a Sim cannot properly care for them. If kept in a Sim's inventory for too long, minor pets can escape. Birds can be killed by cats when they're placed on bird cage or bird tree.[TS3:P]

Minor pets should be kept in their respective terrariums/habitats/cages. Their values increase over time. While being kept in the terrarium, they need to be fed regularly and played with in order to keep their longevity. Otherwise, they will eventually die.

In The Sims 4: My First Pet, minor pets are reintroduced but only featuring rodents such as, hamsters, rats, hedgehogs, and a new rodent, miniature bubalus voidcritter.

The Sims 3: PetsEdit

In The Sims 3: Pets, common minor pets can be purchased, while rarer pets must be caught in the wild. Unlike the main pets, these pets can be spotted by the Collection Helper lifetime reward.

Large wild birds can only be acquired by befriending them. Sims have a hidden wildlife Skill, which determines whether befriending interactions are successful. All birds can be taught to talk and sing by Sims. Cats can be trained to hunt minor pets, excluding large birds. Some minor pets require minimum pet hunting skill before they can be caught.


Lizards Edit

Level Image Name Rarity Min Value Max Value
1 Iguana Iguana Common §3 §8
1 Gecko Gecko Common §10 §15
1 Anole Lizard Anole Lizard Common §20 §30
3 Agama Lizard Agama Lizard Uncommon §85 §100
5 Pygmy Komodo Dragon Pygmy Komodo Dragon Uncommon §125 §150
7 Texas Horned Lizard Texas Horned Lizard Uncommon §300 §350
8 Chameleon Chameleon Rare §650 §700
8 Ancient Dragon Ancient Dragon Rare §850 §1,000

Snakes Edit

Level Image Name Rarity Min Value Max Value
1 Garter Snake Garter Snake Common §3 §8
1 Emerald Tree Boa Snake Emerald Tree Boa Snake Common §10 §15
3 Mini Python Snake Mini Python Snake Common §20 §30
3 San Francisco Garter Snake San Francisco Garter Snake Uncommon §85 §100
5 Malayan Krait Snake Malayan Krait Snake Uncommon §125 §150
5 Yellow Chondro Python Yellow Chondro Python Uncommon §300 §350
7 Scarlet King Snake Scarlet King Snake Rare §650 §700
8 Iridescent Shieldtail Snake Iridescent Shieldtail Snake Rare §850 §1,000

Rodents Edit

Although they are referred to as rodents in-game, shrews and hedgehogs are not actually rodents.

Level Image Name Rarity Min Value Max Value
1 Rat Rat Common §3 §8
1 Womrat Womrat Common §10 §15
1 Squirrel Squirrel Common §20 §30
5 Chipmunk Chipmunk Uncommon §100 §125
5 Shrew Shrew Uncommon §200 §250
5 Pygmie Hedgehog Pygmy Hedgehog Rare §650 §700
5 Chinchilla Chinchilla Rare §850 §1,000

Turtles Edit

Level Image Name Rarity Min Value Max Value
1 Red Eared Slider Turtle Red-Eared Slider Turtle Common §3 §8
1 Western Painted Turtle Western Painted Turtle Common §10 §15
3 Eastern Box Turtle Eastern Box Turtle Common §20 §30
3 Indian Roof Turtle Indian Roofed Turtle Uncommon §85 §100
5 Barbour's Map Turtle Barbour's Map Turtle Uncommon §125 §150
5 Spotted Turtle Spotted Turtle Uncommon §300 §350
3 Pygmy Tortoise Pygmy Tortoise Rare §650 §700
3 Spiny Turtle Spiny Turtle Rare §850 §1,000

Small Birds Edit

Level Image Name Rarity Min Value Max Value
3 Parakeet Transparent Parakeet Common §3 §8
3 Goldfinch Transparent Goldfinch Common §10 §15
3 Pidgeon Transparent Pigeon Common §20 §30
3 Cardinal Transparent Cardinal Uncommon §100 §125
5 Nuthatch Transparent Nuthatch Uncommon §200 §250
8 Bluebird Transparent Bluebird Rare §650 §700
9 Lilac Breasted Roller Transparent Lilac Breasted Roller Rare §850 §1,000

Large Birds Edit

Image Name Rarity Min Value Max Value
Cockatoo Transparent Cockatoo Common §15 §22
African Grey Parrot Transparent African Grey Parrot Common §30 §38
Blue Gold Macaw Transparent Blue-Gold Macaw Common §45 §55
Catalina Macaw Transparent Catalina Macaw Uncommon §125 §150
Crow Transparent Crow Uncommon §300 §350
Yellow Naped Amazon Transparent Yellow-Naped Amazon Uncommon §500 §550
Falcon Transparent Falcon Rare §800 §850
Spotted Sixam Transparent Spotted Sixam Rare §950 §1,100

The Sims 4: My First Pet StuffEdit

Main article: Rodent

In The Sims 4: My First Pet Stuff, Sims can own rodents as pets. Then can be bought from the rodent cage. Sims and other pets can interact with the rodents in various form.

Unlike cats and dogs, rodents does not have traits, life stages, or the ability to breed. They, however, can die of old age and starvation.

Rodents can have the Rabid Rodent Disease that can spread to Sims. Sims do not cure themselves on time can spread the disease to other Sims and eventually die if left untreated.

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