An overview of Miniopolis

Miniopolis is one of the major cities in SimNation. It is the location of The Urbz: Sims in the City for the Nintendo's Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS handheld consoles. This city is mentioned in The Sims 2 for Game Boy Advance. Its name could be a parody of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The main antagonist is named Daddy Bigbucks. He buys King Tower in Glasstown and plans to demolish Miniopolis, then rebuild it with ticket booths, taxes, and more materialistic ideas.



This is where the player starts out (inside King Tower to be specific). It is the tutorial area and other areas are not accessible until completed. The player's Urb gets arrested here and sent to Urbania Jail. It gets re-opened later in the game.


Urbania is the 1st area (after tutorial) to be unlocked, it looks like a more rundown area and it is where the player meets many new Urbz.

Sim QuarterEdit

Sim Quarter the 2nd area to be unlocked, the Sim Quarter is a farmer's market/pier. At the end of the last goal of the Sim Quarter, Daddy Bigbucks tosses the player's Urb into the water.


The player's Urb wakes up here after being tossed into the water, and all the missions are about escaping and helping out the two residents.

Paradise IslandEdit

Paradise Island is a small island with a beach. It has a small store which sells tiki themed items, and a hammock for the Urb to sleep on.

Splicer IslandEdit

Splicer Island is only included in the DS version. After 10 days, Futo Maki has used the monkeys in the ruins and worked on it. Splicer Island will be rebuilt and now the player can do all of the good stuff which includes gene splicing and pet contests.

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