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The Sims 3: Into the Future

Mining District
File:Mining District Oasis Landing.webp
Name Mining District
World Oasis Landing
Game TS3ITF Icon The Sims 3: Into the Future
Housed residents 16

Mining District (The name of the ZEPHYR stop placed narrowly outside the district itself, and mentioned in 2 household bios) or Precipice Parkway (Street's name) is a distinct subdistrict of Oasis Landing in The Sims 3: Into the Future. Having been said to once have hosted a now-abandoned mountain mine, the district is now home to various households who have mostly rejected the futuristic technology of the rest of the city.

The sole car road going through the district's steep rocky terrain is made of dirt, a very visible contrast to the concrete road used in most other districts. The street lamps look much older, and the grass is a bit more pale and thin.

Residential houses (more or less) voluntarily don't seem to have any technology newer than retro televisions, though The Mine lounge has permitted itself a stereo, two arcade games, and a drink synthesizer. Hover cars and Plumbots very often visit the district without any noticeable issues resulting.

Hardcore hikers can attempt the two mountain passes, including the one that goes between Mining District and Pleasant Meadows Cemetery.

Mining District residents would need to commute elsewhere (usually to the downtown peninsula) for pretty much any public services, including the city hall, bookstore, bistro, hospital, and public pool.

Architecturally, most lots notably make use of freeplaced furniture (i.e. placed in directions that aren't 90° or 45°), a feature normally only available in Sims games by holding down the Alt key while rotating the object. Walls and roofs are also painted in darker shades of gray with sloped roofs (Other districts use flat roofs).

Residential lots[]

Populated lots[]

Unoccupied lots[]

  • Austere A-Frame, 493 Precipice Parkway

Public facilities[]

District borders[]

At first sight, the logical border between Mining District and the northwest lake banks would be the Ascension Avenue concrete road, but this would leave the Mining District ZEPHYR Stop and the 432 Ascension Avenue empty lot on the other side of the border by a margin of only around 10 squares.

The ZEPHYR Stop can be deemed to be positioned on continuous mountain rock and could with some generosity be considered a part of Mining District on those grounds.