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Mesa Gallery
Lot mesa gallery
Lot type Residential
Unfurnished lot value §13,359
Furnished lot value §30,558
Lot size Large
Number of floors 1
Occupants Rico Banana, Jasmine Yves, Willy Weir, Patricia Pitts
Bathrooms 1
Neighborhood Pleasantview, Strangetown, and Melbourne
Game The Sims 2 (console)

Mesa Gallery is the first bonus location in The Sims 2 for console in story mode. Complete Hector Fromagero's Gold Wants at HMS Amore to unlock this location. The local artists Jasmine Yves, Patricia Pitts, Rico Banana and Willy Weir live here.


Despite being a large lot, there's not much here but a bunch of desert, since it is located in Strangetown. It consists of an art gallery and a camping area. There's also one public bathroom and an art studio.


The main goal at Mesa Gallery is to help Jasmine Yves with her artistic skills, improve the gallery and have a little bit of fun by completing her Gold wants. Fulfilling these wants doesn't unlock anything, but it does count towards the achievement for 'Sims Helped' to 100% complete the game.


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