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Mermaids are a life state that was introduced in The Sims 3: Island Paradise. They are creatures of the ocean and water, that can be encountered diving or just taking a stroll by boat in the sea. They are also capable of living on land.

Becoming a MermaidEdit

A Sim can become a mermaid by ingesting mermadic kelp, which can be obtained either by becoming good friends with a mermaid and using the "Ask About Fish Parts" interaction while both the Sim and the mermaid are underwater, or purchasing the Mermadic Kelp lifetime reward for 25,000 lifetime happiness points. Note that other life states cannot become mermaids even if they eat the mermadic kelp. They have to become normal Sims before they can turn into a mermaid.

Mermaid is a genetic life state. There is a 50% chance a child will be a mermaid for each mermaid parent. If both parents are mermaids the child will be 100% mermaid

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Even if Supernatural is installed, mermaids cannot be created in Create a Sim.


While in water, Mermaids have a colorful scaly fish/dolphin tail in place of legs. Males have a tail with a straight fin like a shark, and go shirtless, while females wear a seashell bikini top and have tails that end in a classic dolphin-shaped fluke. On land, a Mermaid's tail will transform into a scaly pair of legs of the same color. Mermaids have their scaly legs from toddlerhood, but their legs won't transform into a tail while in water until the Sim is a teenager.

The color of a Mermaid's scales and (if they are female) seashell bikini top can be customized by using the "Change Scale Color" interaction via mirrors.



A mermaid getting hydrated in a bathtub

Mermaids needs vary from regular Sims in two ways: 

  • Hydration - In place of Hygiene, there is a "Hydration" need, similar to Water for a PlantSim. This can be satisfied by swimming in the ocean or a pool, using the shower or bathtub, or relaxing in a hot tub. If The Sims 3: Seasons is installed, they can also hydrate by standing in the rain. Dehydration will cause the Sim to dry out, giving them a negative moodlet. Eventually they will pass out, and if another Sim does not splash water on them, they will die.
  • Hunger - Mermaids don't get much energy from normal meals. Instead, they require fish and kelp. Fish can be caught from fishing or while scuba diving, and can be eaten raw. If a Mermaid has the Vegetarian trait, eating fish will make them nauseous. Kelp can be harvested from diving areas or purchased from the grocery. If a Mermaid's hunger need is very low, eating two pieces of kelp is enough to fully replenish it.

Even if a Mermaid is well hydrated, they need to swim in the ocean at least once every 48 hours, otherwise they'll get a "Salt Water Deficiency" moodlet. Within a day this will turn into "Adapting to Land" and when this moodlet expires, the mermaid will turn into a normal Sim. Purchasing the "Permanent Mermaid" lifetime reward will prevent the Mermaid from losing their occult status.

If a mermaid is near a fireplace or in the sun for a while they will get a moodlet causing their Hydration need to drop faster than usual until they move away and the moodlet expires. The moodlet lasts three hours.


Mermaids have various water-related special abilities. They can breathe and stay underwater indefinitely, and will not get the "Depressurising" moodlet when returning to the surface. This makes the Steel Lungs lifetime reward useless for them. Mermaids swim faster than normal Sims on the surface and underwater. Once a mermaid becomes a teenager they will automatically maximize their Scuba Diving skill. Mermaids do not need umbrellas when it rains [TS3:S], and they will get a positive moodlet when they get soaked.

Like normal Sims, mermaids who possess a conch shell are able to summon another mermaid they have met. Mermaids with the Mean Spirited or Evil trait are able to summon sharks to attack other divers. Mermaids are safe in their aquatic environment and will not be attacked by sharks, however they can be attacked by the cave monster. If mermaids are on a boat, they will not be attacked by the Kraken.

Hidden IslandEdit

One of the hidden islands in Isla Paradiso can be unlocked by becoming good friends with a mermaid in one of the diving areas. After befriending them, the mermaid will come up and offer to show the location of mermaid's secret island, and then the player will unlock it.

Media Edit


Poseidon's Fury

Poseidon's Fury

  • The mermaid is mentioned in The Sims Medieval, in one of the random events in docks.
  • The statue "Poseidon's Fury" and the "Trident's Spring Fountain" from The Sims 3 Store both show mermaids outside of The Sims 3: Island Paradise. There is also a mermaid statue in Ambitions named Siren's Call.
  • The Sims 3: Seasons has two clothing pieces and a hairstyle which have a look akin to that of a mermaid.
    Trident's Spring Fountain

    Trident's Spring Fountain

  • Just like other life states, Mermaids cannot become another creature without having their Mermaid status revoked first.
  • Mermaids cannot skinny dip in a hot tub, but can still WooHoo.
  • Some mermaids can have pale skin like vampires.
  • Mermaids cannot get a tan if they have the pale mermaid skintone. Mermaids with other skintones, like Maya Ocean, will get tanned.[TS3:S]
  • Mermaids will get a positive moodlet when being soaked, thus eliminating the need for an umbrella.[TS3:S]
  • Cats are twice as likely to follow a Mermaid than any other Sims.[TS3:P]
  • Pregnant Mermaids can swim at the water's surface, but cannot visit scuba dive sites for the duration of the pregnancy.
  • If a Mermaid goes into labor, they can't have their baby in the sea, they must go to land to give birth, and Mermaid babies must grow on land.
  • There are several minor references to Disney's The Little Mermaid. Some premade mermaids are based on characters from the film, such as Triton King and Mia Azul. When a Sim explores an underwater cave, sometimes a message appears saying, "(Sim's Name) has not found anything big, but he/she found a dinglehopper," or "how many wonders can one cavern hold?"
  • Mermaids cannot be saved to the bin, created in Create a Sim, nor shared on The Sims 3 Exchange. This is due to the fact that developers wanted them to be only special creatures.
  • Mermaids cannot surf on the wave station.
  • Mermaids cannot become zombies.[TS3:SN]
  • Trident's Spring Fountain is similar to a female mermaid's tail.
  • The two pieces of mermaid decor in Seasons named Maya the Mermaid and Mia the Mermaid share names with the two female mermaid NPCs in Isla Paradiso.
  • Zombies will never attempt to eat a mermaid's brain.[confirmation needed]
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