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Seance Table Trailer.jpeg
A Sim using a seance table with two other Sims.

Skill TS4 Medium.png

Medium is a skill introduced in The Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff. Leveling up the skill allows Sims to commune with ghosts better through the seance table and is helpful in the paranormal investigator branch of the freelance career. Any Sim aged Child and older can be able to perform seances. If The Sims 4: Realm of Magic is installed, then spellcasters will learn the medium skill faster than other Sims.[1]


Hone your spiritual power! Sims embarking on this journey will eventually be able to things like summon the dead, or host their own Seance with other Sims.

The Medium Skill is increased by using interactions on the seance table.


A Sim summoning a seance circle on the ground.

Sims can perform seances on a seance table, performing them will allow the Sim to commune with ghosts and the spirits haunting the house, see the moods of the specters, and enact ghastly rituals for the ghosts. With seances, Sims can also summon Claude René Duplantier Guidry or Bonehilda.

Further into the skill, Sims will be able to summon their own seance circles on the ground and be able to conduct seances anywhere on the ground for 5 simoleons.

Skill levels[]

Level Ability
1 Commune with the Departed, Sense Spiritual

Volatility, and Perform a Ceremony

2 Perform Group Seances
3 Invoke the Dead and Summon Bonehilda
4 Ghastly Ritual
5 Create Seance Circles