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For the object in The Sims 2: H&M Fashion Stuff and The Sims 4: Get to Work, see Mannequin (object).

Two mannequins, facing each other

In The Sims 2, a mannequin is a Sim using a hidden skin tone that is pale gray. The mannequin skin tone is only used by Body Shop, where it is used in thumbnails and by the model in the "Create Parts" area. While the mannequin skin tone was not intended for normal gameplay, it is hidden in Create a Sim, and can be unlocked by using the testingcheatsenabled cheat and enabling the CAS debug mode. Unlike other life states, mannequins do not have nipples.

Because Mannequins can only be created in Create a Sim debug mode, and are hidden in normal gameplay, some players do not consider it to be a true life state. Mannequins can have a custom eye color (a pale brownish gray color) which can only be accessed in Create a Sim debugging mode by selecting the Alien skin tone, selecting the black alien eye color and then selecting the mannequin skin tone.[1]

Mannequin babies[]

Technically, the game does not support mannequin babies, as it does not have the necessary textures. When female mannequins are pregnant, the game will crash when they go into labor. There is a mod to prevent the crash and enables Sims to safely give birth to a mannequin baby.

As with the alien skin tone, the mannequin skin tone is always dominant. Therefore, if a normal Sim has a baby with a mannequin, the baby is much more likely to inherit the mannequin skin tone. If a mannequin has a baby with an alien, there is a 50% chance that the baby will have pale gray mannequin skin.



  1. Technically, these are the eyes that are painted on the mannequin skin tone. Unless the creaturefixes mod from More Awesome Than You is installed, a Sim that has alien eyes, but not the alien skin tone, will use the eyes painted on the skin texture — note that the brown eyes will be painted on all the normal skin textures, instead of the pale brownish gray ones painted on the mannequin skin texture. Therefore, this may not work if creaturefixes is installed, as it allows Sims who do not show the alien skin tone to show alien eyes.