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Manage Worlds
Willow creek map
Willow Creek in Manage Worlds.

Manage Worlds is a game mode in The Sims 4 which allows the player to edit and customize the lots and families in the worlds of the active saved game file. It is the successor to the Edit Town mode from The Sims 3.

Even though Manage Worlds doesn't allow any options to customize the world apart from the lots, it does allow many options for the player to manage existing households, especially the townie population. Manage Worlds can be entered from live mode by either clicking the icon on the top left corner, or by pressing F5 on the keyboard. Players are automatically greeted by Manage Worlds after entering an already created save game.

While in Manage Worlds, the top left corner includes to option to open the gallery, the notification wall, game options and finally, the manage households menu. The top right corner also has the option to enter the world selection screen.

When clicking on a family in Manage Worlds, various options appear to the bottom left corner of the screen. The three basic ones are play, visit and build. When clicking "More", three more options appear to move out the household, evict the household, or the manage household menu. The manage household menu allows the player to change the households name, description and appearance. There also options to delete, move to another lot, move into my households, and to transfer Sims between households.

The transfer option allows the player to move individual Sims of households between one another and there are two options; move to another existing household or create a brand new household. Creating a brand new one places the household as not in world, which can viewed from the manage households menu.

The another option when clicking a family is viewing the individual information of the households Sims, which are name, appearance, age, traits, aspiration and the current location. When clicking on an empty residential lot or a community lot, the option to view the lots name, description, price and lot traits appear.

Manage HouseholdsEdit

The manage households menu allows the player to edit the existing household and townie population of the save game, either by editing them in CAS or by merging, renaming and splitting entire families.

The menu is split into two categories, "my households" which contains families that were played before and "Other Households" which contains all unplayed families and most townies and NPCs, player can transfer the Sims between the two by selecting a heart next to the familly icon.


There are options to change the Sim limit from 80, to 150, 200 (max recommended) and unlimited, which controls how many Sims are allowed to the saved game, before the game decides to start culling. Households in "My Household" are safe from culling.

Other HouseholdsEdit

Other Households is supposed to contain all the families in-game, those families are affected by culling and can be chosen by game to be an NPCs, such as working in a restaurant or behind the bar.

Additionaly, a shape of the familly, their members and current home may constantly change as the game tries to "simulate" their life in the background, these families may move into empty houses, join university or appear in vacation destinations, members of the familly can get married, have a baby, die out of old age (Their aging can be turned off in the menu), or move out of the familly and join another one or live on their own.

This category contains most of the in-game Sims and NPC, however, there are several Sims that are missing:


  • Through Other household menu, player can edit Sim's face structure and their names, but not their age and traits unless cas.fulleditmode is used.
  • When editing Baby Ariel, player will be asked to give her a surname before saving changes (As "Baby Ariel" is considered a name).
  • When the game tries to simulate life of the Sims from "Other Households" it usually ignores traits and aspirations of the Sims, simulating everyone's life in the same way.
    • For example, a Sim with Noncommittal trait has the same chances of getting married as a Sim with "Soulmate" Aspiration.


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