Malcolm's Mansion
Lot type Residential
Lot size Large
Number of floors 1
Occupants Landgraab family
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 2
Neighborhood SimValley
Game The Sims Bustin' Out

Malcolm's Mansion is a Residential lot in SimValley in The Sims Bustin' Out for console. It is the home of Malcolm Landgraab. Players can only reach this lot in story mode by reaching level 10 of their chosen career. It is the hardest and most expensive lot (referring to its outrageous billing every three days) in the game. Sims can change this by redecorating the mansion themselves (please see third paragraph).

When players first unlock the mansion and choose to move in, Mom will appear on the lot and after using the social interaction, "Use Sign Language". She will run to Malcolm and slap him. After this Malcolm will leave the lot, vowing for revenge.

Players are then able to live in and customize the mansion as they want. As unlike all of the other lots in the game, the player won't lose any money or gain any money if they change the lot's value, meaning the player can do whatever they want with the lot. And since this lot is level 10 its every three-day billing is nearly seven thousand simoleons. If your child (this depends if you have one) has straight A's as needed he/she will be sent off to Prep School, giving a better chance at redecorating/renovating the mansion. Start out by deciding which side of the house that's available to redecorate or remove and treat it. For its value also tearing down the entire lot and sell everything off will leave the player what house design to use. Just remember that the walls are of less value when they're to be torn down due to an error in construction. In that case when the new house is built and the items preferred are in the billing is much less (exceeding to the highest of the player's own design 1,200-2,000 simoleons) than before. Now the player's sim will now be able to relax from those tensing moments on the billing (this guaranteed proven).


  • Peter Tutti will visit Malcolm's Mansion every day near 11 am.
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