Magnolia Blossom Park - Far view
Magnolia Blossom Park
Neighborhood · Featured in: TS4 Icon
Magnolia Blossom Park
Magnolia Blossom Park
Lot type Park
Lot size 50x50
World Willow Creek
Game The Sims 4

"Magnolia Blossom Park is a historic park where Willow Creek inhabitants from all walks of life can come together to enjoy nature in a lush, green environment."

Magnolia Blossom Park is the park neighborhood located in Willow Creek. Located in the center of Willow Creek, this park is a great place for meeting other Sims, socializing, working on some skills or hobbies, and just having fun. It can also be a great place to take a date.

Collectors can have a wonderful time here with all the rocks and plants and logs. Those working on their fishing skill can cast at several spots along the shoreline of the stream or at the small pond in the park, where experienced anglers can catch some rare fish.

Bring children to the park to play on the monkey bars and playset or sit down at one of the tables for a game of chess. Sims can also use the restrooms in the small building at the back of the park so they can spend more time at the park.

Follow the walkways out onto the peninsula to find a picnic area along with some good fishing.


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