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Magic reagent
An evil witch's cauldron.

Not to be confused with Magic ingredient.
Witch Cauldron.png

Magic reagents are items used by witches to cast spells.

Sims can obtain them in two ways:

  1. Craft them with a cauldron.
  2. Buy from the high witch of the Sim's alignment.

List of reagents[]

Witch Reagents.png
For information on which reagents are required for each spell, see Spells (The Sims 2: Apartment Life).
  • Dragon Scales - Scales given from an Elder Dragon. (neutral)
  • Mystic Dust - Mystic Stone turned to dust. (neutral)
  • Crystallized Moonbeams - A moonbeam turned perfectly into stone. (good)
  • Essence of Light - The essence of a star in a vial. (good)
  • Viper Essence - Essence taken from a Viper. (evil)
  • Eye of Newt - Eyes taken from a baby Newt. (evil)

List of items[]

Item Magic level Reagents required Alignment
Faerie Fire Floor Lamp 2 Align infgood.png
Hand of Darkness Floor Lamp 2 Align atrevil.png
Little Miss Wendalyn Sculpture 2 Align neutral.png
Palm of Darkness Wall Sconce 5 Align atrevil.png
Fist of Darkness Ceiling Lamp 5 Align atrevil.png
Stardust Wall Sconce 5 Align infgood.png
Star Dusted Ceiling Lamp 5 Align infgood.png
Claw of Darkness Throne 9 Align atrevil.png
Throne of Light 9 Align infgood.png

If a good witch sits on the Throne of Light, his/her needs will go up, while an evil witch's needs will go down. On the other hand, if an evil witch sits on the Claw of Darkness Throne, his/her needs will go up, while a good witch's needs will go down.


  • There is a mod at Mod the Sims that allows spells to be cast without reagents.
  • Reagents can be used for decorations or sold in a player-owned business if The Sims 2: Open for Business is installed. There is no controller to assign employees to make the reagents or other witch-items, however, regardless of witch-status; any reagents and other magical objects that are made by other lot residents besides the owner will have to be manually moved to the owner's inventory before they can be restocked.