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An image of MagiCoins from a Sim's inventory.

These small irridescent tokens bear an image that feels oddly familiar, and that is similar to the emblem of many of the other objects in and around Magic Town. They are much heavier than Simoleans, and feel more valuable in some ways, but less valuable in others . . .

MagiCoins are the currency of Magic Town's magical economy, much like the Simoleon is in the non-magical economy. MagiCoins are used to buy ingredients for spells and charms from the Magic Town vendors. They can also be used to buy dragon eggs, dragon treats, and a chew toy for dragons.

MagiCoins are also needed to buy the residential lots in Magic Town. In order to buy one, about 1000 to 1500 MagiCoins are needed.

MagiCoins are gained by interacting with various objects found around Magic Town. The amount of MagiCoins gained depends on one of the Sim's skills.

  • Performing on the magician's stage (mechanical)
  • Performing on the spooky laboratory stage (logic)
  • Performing on the small tricks table (logic)
  • Charming Nagganaste's snake (creativity)

MagiCoins can also be earned by winning a duel, or by making magical ingredients at home and selling them to the vendors.

A Sim's inventory will only hold 32,767 MagiCoins; adding/winning more will cause no change to this number. MagiCo's Bookshelf of Dimensional Storage will hold a maximum of 30,000 MagiCoins; attempting to add more gives the message: "Due to the atomic weight of MagiCoins, MagiCo's Bookshelf of Dimensional Storage can only safely hold 30,000 MagiCoins at any given time."